Wednesday, 30 May 2012

bitches in black

We had lost our dog and looked for her with no results. Then we brought in new furniture in the house and a new dog. A small, white, fluffy one with small sharp teeth that occasionally appeared oddly out of its mouth and made it look like a predator of some sort. It also seamed to have no nose. We took it out for a walk and I felt sad not knowing what had happened to my previous one. Then we returned back home and I saw the body of a human under a table that was covered with a red table-cloth. It was the body of my previous room-mate that had taken the place of the lost dog at that point in my dream. She was my best friend from high-school, a tall, lean girl with dark hair and rather successful with boys (although some would question this as she has never so far managed to get into a successful relationship). She was there, lying on a large, wooden speaker with her buttocks in the actual speaker, dressed in tight leather garments. We thought she was dead and carried her in the next room. My bf asked if we would burn her carcass on the large kitchen table. I told him that since she was a human we would have to inform her mother and that she would make the arrangements for the funeral. I felt bad, for a minute there, for not having mentioned to any one that she was missing and for having the bf move in. Then she came where we were sitting, dressed in a thick, cotton, light-blue night dress and a dark red gown. She had no make-up on and her hair were nicely combed and fell evenly at each side of her face. She asked for how long she had been "out" and I told her that it had been so long we thought she was dead and that we were about to call her mother. She gave me a sweet look and I kissed her on the forehead.    

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I dreamt that I was with my looser friend J. and he had learnt how to make piercings. Somehow he convinced me to get a couple. One was above my belly button (right above it and not on it as it usually is) and the other was on my spine, waist-high. We were in something that looked like a square opening in  the middle of a forest. It was made of concrete and it had a lamp-post at one corner. Then it was no longer me and I saw this couple there from up above. They were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and then they decided to have a friendly fuck. I saw the girl lower her black panties and grab the lamp-post.

Then it was me with the piercings but as I looked down at the one on my belly I saw I was a man. I did not see a penis but it was a mans body I was looking at. I was among friends and I was explaining that my piercings are of a kind you can have when pregnant. Then I asked one of them to tell me what the one on my waist  looked like. He tried holding a mirror up for me to see but the image was too vague. He said it was big and then I realized that it was not a single stud as I had initially imagined but that that it was one of these huge studs trapped in two small rings. I got nervous and I wondered how I was going to sleep with this thing on my back.

I woke up and spent at least a couple more hours feeling that I was getting in and out of this dream. Eventually I decided that I had to really wake up and not just pretend that I would push the snooze button just one more time. I am pretty sure now that seven hours of sleep in a foggy spring day are by no means enough.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Apparently I had found a job at the same place where It was a children's magazine and I would make up-cycled toys. I was provided with a desk and when I arrived  I was the only one in the room. Soon other people came over and I felt strangely unwanted. There was a guy with a puppet. It was his job to maintain it clean and good-looking. It had a tear and hi stripped it from its clothes and I saw how it was made. It had a stiff round pillow for a head and a prolonged one for its body. The care-taker put it on a machine that coiled yarn around the pillows to improve their shape. I was very interested in that. Then I met P. in the corridor and subsequently I went back to my desk. Two girls and a guy had arrived and they had left their stuff on my chair and my bag was thrown on the floor at the corner behind them. I saw that some of my things had fallen on the floor and I bitched about it. A goth -girl gave me a fake apology. I did not know what to do as nobody had given me a brief, so I went to find P. again to ask why was everyone so rude to me.
I can't remember what took place in-between but then the office had closed but I was still there and I saw a murder. One of the guys I had met earlier had slaughtered another one. He killed him and then put him in his bed, that was there, where his desk had been. I hid behind a big, blue, chair like the one in my kitchen. I saw the killer coming towards me. He was a tall, dark-haired man with broad shoulders. He did not see me.
I did not want to tell anyone because I was afraid of him. Eventually I decided to mention the incident to P. He said it was my imagination but the corpse was still there, hidden under grey or blue heavy blankets with a limp arm hanging outside of the bed. I was expecting somebody to observe his absence and then I had to be very cautious so as not to get involved in the investigation. I kept thinking that the murderer would come after me even if he went to prison for some time.
I woke up and then went back to sleep. I slept for almost ten hours, partly because I needed it and partly out of cowardice, trying to avoid the daily choirs.    

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Going up-stairs with nurse with wound

The set was dark and ominous. My sister and me were in a house. We had just returned from a party and my sister had become friends with a girl that lived right above us. I can no longer recall how but I got separated from my boyfriend and our dog. I stayed there for a little while, waiting for them but then I got worried and got out to find them. I walked around the block, asking people if they had seen a guy with a medium sized black dog.
It was very dark, as if the light sources were limited and all the buildings looked eerie and unstable. Somehow i spotted the dog and run towards her. I started cuddling and kissing her, not paying attention to anything else. Then I  saw she was with my previous boyfriend and I felt alarmed. I had to find P. I decided to go back to the establishment where the party had taken place.
It was very dark at that point. I also thought that somebody had given me drugs and I felt rather uncertain about my self. I knew I had to climb up some very steep stairs without protective balustrade. I fell on all fours and started searching my footing with my  hands and crawled higher and higher. On my right I could feel the wall but on my left I could only see vague shadows of branches and nothing more. At some point I felt that I was pushing too much towards the wall and it was as if it was subsiding and the unattached staircase would hang on its own in mid-air. I remember clearly that I was listening to a song by  Nurse With Wound, that made the over-all experience even more crepuscular.
I finally reached the top and moved towards a door through which light was coming. There I saw my sister's new acquired friend undressing in her room. She was a full girl in stockings and garter-belt. I asked her if I could pass through her house to get to the other side.
She had just let me do that when P.woke me up.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Making films

A month ago I worked at a film as a costume designer. Last night I saw that I was at the director's house because we had a meeting there.
We were in a small, warm room with less than enough space for everyone to sit, so most of us were standing. I was chatting with the actors and the producer when I understood we would have to re-take a scene and I had not been told anything until the very last moment. I felt increasing stress and anger because nobody had respected me as a colleague enough so as to let me know in time what we were to do. I also had re-distributed the clothes and they were no longer available. I approached the director to inform him. He was also stressed and angry. We had a small dispute and then we went downstairs. Suddenly a great amount of water started falling from the ceiling but nobody gave a fuck. Then a maid came over and started mopping. We assumed that the damage had started at the small WC at the top floor. Then the floor started corroding and the staircase collapsed. Somehow everyone else had managed to get upstairs, leaving me alone at the ground floor with no obvious means to reach them. They told me to get the lift. I walked there and as I was about to get in I was stopped by a lovely older couple, who I assumed to be the director's parents. The woman was short and chubby but with a bright, friendly smile and the man was taller- I remember looking at his clothes and not at his face- and rather gentle, as I could gather from the way he spoke. We all got into the elevator and started going up. They told me that the lift was also broken and that it only took people to the first floor. They wanted to go to the third floor and therefor they would have to walk to the other end of the house to take another one. I thought that this was absurd.

That's about it.