Monday, 15 April 2013

Right-wing terrorist attack

I just remembered; I was at a hotel with P. and another couple that I suspect that they were P's sister and her fiance. We were given a room for four and as we were about to unpack there was a knock on the door. A large man with a large floozy for a girlfriend were paying us a visit and inquiring about our political beliefs. I pushed them out. The fiance wanted to meet them but I yelled at him to stay were he was because our visitors were criminals that had not come over to have a discussion but terrorists that forced people to go on their side. The bullies tried to get through the other door, because the room had two doors, on the same wall but with some distance between them. I tried to push that door shut as well, but the second man kept it open with his foot. I pushed and pushed and managed to lock them out. After a while I checked through the peep-hole on the door and saw that they were not there any more, so I went outside to have a word with the hotel's manager and ask why he let guest get terrorized like this. Instead I just talked to the concierge that was just as shaken as me. This girl led me outside. It was night and a convertible car was parked right in front of the gate. She suggested that we escape with it. I returned back inside, to get P. but saw my company leaving the room and carrying our suitcases. I asked if they had packed my stuff too and they said they had. I checked my luggage but could not find my dog (a plush hush-puppy I sleep with since I was a toddler). The hotel thought there was a bomb in our room and a woman pulled a switch  that was on a nearby wall and the contents of our room exploded and transformed into a single block of something that looked a lot like styrofoam. She gave it to me and told me that the essence of the dog was in it, but I still wanted the real one.
I was very sad and confused. I woke up because I got my period.