Monday, 12 November 2012

Another film and the mermaid junky

In this dream I was working, again, for a film of my friend T. We were working for a scene among bushes when things started going wrong; people started going missing and having nervous break-downs. A girl I knew that supposedly died in the script also vanished in reality, leaving behind a big, hairy penis. This object was not just hairy, it had fur growing on it in orange and white, bright and soft, and thinning towards its top. I collected this thing and put it in a box. Another girl was screaming for a phone to call somebody because she needed help.
Then we were at somebody's home and I was wondering where could the penis girl have gone. A lot of people were talking and arguing and laughing. The assistant director had an application in a paper lunch bag and asked me if I would like to apply for a job at a new film. She said that as far as she knew they were looking for a costume designer. I said I would think about it.
I was talking to the director among other people about the funeral of the dick girl, that now was E. I took the dick out of its case and licked it. I observed that small colorful flowers had started growing on its bright fur. As I stroked it gently they became more. Then E. showed up and I was happy to see that she was alive and dickless. The director was mockingly accusing her of having had a fight with the Tenenbaums. I got in a truck because I wanted to puke. My old friend G. was standing outside the window. I hid behind some clothes and tried to puke in a large, polystyrene cup but I couldn't because whatever it was that wanted out was not yet liquified enough to be able to pass through my throat.
Eventually I was working for T.again and we were at the airport. They had given me a small box with tea to keep and I had hidden it in the forest of my hair. I could see it as if it was in an underwater scenery, stuck on my head among humongous hair growth. An airport clerk with a special vacuum cleaner came near me to check me for illegal substances. I started waking towards the storage space. People were talking loudly and she kept coming closer. Then a great sculpture, made of clay, that was on a big truck came to life and pulled me towards it with its fat tentacles. It was a female figure with long curly hair, of the kind that mermaids usually have, a nice face and a big, fat body with too full breasts, sitting cross-legged on her tentacles. She was the leading actress of our new project and she started telling a story to the security-lady, about how her brother had made her legs dysfunctional and how she had gone through reconstructive surgery. She lifted her hair that were long enough to fall on her thighs and showed us long scars. Then she started screaming that her main-line vain had to be removed and that the doctors had to rebuilt her circulatory system with old needles that were now getting rusty inside her legs.
I woke up at that moment.          

Monday, 24 September 2012

A film, an evil wizard and a play

I saw three dreams last night. On the first I was working in the making of a film and a prank to my friend's parents, on the second a serial killer lured me to his house and put a spell on me and on the third I was about to get a leading part in a theatre production I did not want to participate in.

The crew was shooting and I was backstage, having nothing to do. Then they wrapped and we were just hanging around all together, when a friend, in whose house we were, decided he wanted to play a practical joke on his parents. I put on his sister's pajamas, put a lamp shade on my head and hid inside her bed. Soon the parents came to the room where I was hiding to kiss their daughter goodnight. They looked at me for a few moments in amazement and then the father said "what an extraordinary height" and "please, would you get up and stand next to him" pointing at his son. It was a very tall family.
After all this the party continued but we could not find the real daughter and we were looking at all the other guests thinking that she might have dressed as somebody else. We found her sleeping in the garden in the morning.

Later, in my sleep, I was at another party and I followed a guy I met there to his house. I got into his apartment but he didn't. I looked outside the door but he wasn't there. I called for him but he did not answer. Then I realized that something was dodgy and I started searching around the house for incriminating evidence but I found nothing. The whole place was slightly messy and I found a huge kitchen knife I took and hid under the bed where I would sleep. I got out on the corridor again and searched under the furniture for the dude that was nowhere. I went back into the house and checked the laundry. There I saw that he was keeping the bodies of young, beautiful people. I decided to try to leave but my mate appeared out of nowhere and informed me that this would be my end too. He had put a spell on me that linked me to him so that he could always find me and kill me when the time would come. I pleaded and begged to remain alive but he was ruthless.
After some time he allowed me to go out on my own and I tried to get some help. I went there with my partner and told the warlock that I did not love him because the one I loved was P., but he did not cave in. I tried to yell and then I started being annoying. I would follow him around, wherever he went to pick up girls and I would say the wrong things and bring disaster. Then  I would ask him if he would set me free but he wouldn't. He went to a small shop that sold sweets and he was chatting there with some old friends of his. I walked in and made a mess. I brought candy down from the selves and pushed things off their positions. Then I stood outside the window looking at him, wishing that he would get tired and release me.

In the last dream I was in the school of Fine Arts and somebody was directing a play. A dance instructor was asked to come over and see some dancers so as to choose the leading lady. I participated just for fun but the rest of the girls starting leaving the practice until I was the last one dancing. The teacher asked to see my body and I showed her. She asked me if I had ever performed as in a John Travolta movie. I said I hadn't but that I knew what she was talking about. She asked me to be there the next day for a rehearsal although I did not want any part in that scheme and by no means the leading part. I was sure I would get stage fright and, in addition to this there were so many lines to memorize that I was sure there was no way I could remember all that. I was sitting on a couch next to a girl that was making a small blue drawing, complaining about all that. The girl dropped the drawing that left a big, blue splash on the sofa and on my clothes. I woke up.  

Friday, 7 September 2012

the chalky indian

In my first dream I saw that I was going somewhere when a tall man covered in white dust passed by me. He was very impressive, all white as he was. He went up some stairs and I was walking behind him but then he slowed down and I decided to jump form the stairs down into the building that looked like a parking lot. There was not enough room for me to do so, though, thus I tried to go a little further and try again but the man stopped me. His face was too close to mine and this made me feel uncomfortable. The chalk had fallen of him now and I could see he was one of those indians with the colorful turbans and the voluminous, pointy mustaches. He looked aggressive. Then we were in a narrow corridor, kissing and cuddling. He lifted me and pressed his genitals towards mine. I felt aroused and hoped that he would penetrate, although at that point I started thinking about intercourse in dreams and how it is always inconclusive. He put me down and turned. I saw his waist and his "gluteus maximus", thinking how nice they all were, despite the fact that I did not know what he had in mind when he took that posture. I observed his skin that was shinny and tanned. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The place were men go to dissapear

I think it all begun on a high-speed road, only it wasn't a real one but one form the set of a soap-opera that had been going on for years. The place was almost vacant; one could see a single actor dressed as a butler here and there, mostly at road-crossings. We got into a false cab and head towards the subway station.
There were many people in the platform, mostly men with gloomy expressions. It was a high-tech station of the kind that has a glass syringe through which the train moves, so that the clients are safe from the gap. This glass tube was filled with floating people, both women and men, with terrible faces full of anxiety, that looked at as as if they asked as to save them from their transparent trap. All along the top of the tube was a complex of screens that projected images of violence and slaughter; raw flesh, bones and blood.
I felt sick in my stomach. We sat down at an empty spot and somebody brought us a blanket. everything was dark and came to great contradiction to the colours at the beginning of the dream, although it was all still rather clear and pristine. The man that was supposed to be my father got up and stood by the wall with the other men. I asked him to go back to us where he would be safe but he said it was too late for him. I stayed on the floor with the younger man that was now in pain and we cuddled. I tried to keep him safe and warm.
I was walking in a crowded city with my sister and some other women. It was night but the whole place was full of neon lights. It was raining and we were under a large umbrella. We passed by a kiosk and a great stream of water came down upon us form a near-by building.
The younger man and I were at some other place now. I think he escorted me home and I introduced him to my boyfriend. [...] We met again and we were cooking lentil-soup. We had to crush some dried bread to make large cups of it to eat the soup. He told me he really liked me and I informed him I felt the same and that we should be together because we would be the perfect couple. I did not know what to do with my life up to that point though. My boyfriend had no idea of the fact that I had fell in love with a stranger. On the contrary, everything was fine between us. How would I take my things and leave? I also wanted the first dog. We had taken in another dog as well, but it was too large and it kept bitting me and I did not want that one.
 We were at a restaurant and I wanted to go upstairs but in order to do this i would have to use an old wooden ladder. I explained that I have a fear of heights and that I would rather get there in some other fashion. The boy suggested that we use a smaller ladder and that we put it on a table so that I could start for a higher point. I said that I am used to climbing upwards only from the right side of things and that if I try to get there form the left side of the room I am sure to fall down and crush my neck. He said it was impossible but did not insist that I try it.
I was outside again at the crowded place and all the dogs had come to find me. Other dogs approached us and I tried to restrain mine so as not to attack the new ones. The large dog was really hard to handle were us my real dog was smaller than it really is in my dream. I took her to the house of my uncle Steven and looked for his dog. I saw that she had been there earlier and that she had pooped several times at various places on the porch and on the yard. I led her outside and started collecting her poo in a plastic bag. Soon I realized it was not large enough and then I remembered that my mother stayed there as well, so I went to her house to get a new plastic bag.
When I woke up I saw my bf and felt relieved that I did not have to leave him for another man. I pressed the snooze button of the alarm clock and fell back into a dream where we were making a Pink Floyd cover out of old, wire hangers.     

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I had no nose

I took a cat nap in the  afternoon heat and I dreamt I was a dark-complexioned junky and that I had no nose.

I was at my mother's house and I had taken a lot of drugs. I was sitting on the floor in front of a small sofa and I took a paper-cutter and severed my own nose. My mom came back and I presented my missing nose. Then I fixed it with green tape on my old glasses from which I had removed the specs. I had regretted having scarred my self so badly but I was not in any pain, I was just ugly.

I was sleeping in a pink convertible car in my garage when two girls, one of my students and a friend of hers, visited me. I was talking to them and I realized I was not wearing my nose. I apologized and explained that life without a nose was hard but that at least I was lucky enough to have my own nose to cover up the hole. I thought, then, that my nose would go off as it was now dead flesh and I started looking for a taxidermist to fix it for me.

I was in another car, stopped at the traffic lights, while my friend was making an illegal transaction. A large policeman (a man of colour) hit my rear window with his stick and I got out. He asked if he could pet my dog. I informed him that she is afraid of strangers and told him that he could pet her at his own risk. He just looked at her while I was petting her.

Afterwards I was at our apartment and my partner was making another illegal deal when the policeman came over. He told me I was a good girl and sat down to have tea with me. I transformed into a woman of colour and I had crochet pink tattoos on my nose and forehead. He inquired where my friends had gone and I responded that they were at the loo. The polieceman had transformed into a large Indian with lots of feathers on his head. I told him I was a big junky and that he was stupid not to see through my lies.

I woke up. I have the strangest dreams in the afternoon.    

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hallowed Grounds

We were house hunting. I was with my sister's flat-mate. We visited a flat I was not particularly interested in but she said she really liked it so I agreed to move in there. It was a cheap and spacious apartment with oddly shaped rooms. The design was labyrinthine and, occasionally, there were protruding parts of the walls. It was gloomy and sort of miserable but I did not want to disagree.

We booked it and started cleaning it so as to move in as soon as possible. I went to the basement and discovered that the building was built on desecrated grounds. I run back to my flat-mate to be and I told her that we had to leave this place before dusk. I pulled her by her hand and led her to a window with a view at the rear side of the building and showed her a cemetery. Then we run to the other side and I showed her that the cemetery continued and that, thus, it was interrupted by the building that was apparently built on it. Subsequently we run to the basement and we opened a small wooden door that led us to the ground under the construction and there, too, were tombstones.

We decided to sanctify the flat. I was searching for the ingredients to make a potion and then I was looking among glass vials and tin boxes for the right container. The girl that was with me climbed in a built-in cupboard and started the process.  I stayed downstairs to watch over her. Then the ghost of a frail, young knight attacked me. He had a long dagger but I disarmed him easily and pined him to the ground. I run his blade through his flesh multiple times. It did not have any resistance and felt as if I was stabbing water. When I made sure he felt defeated I let him get up. He had a hurt look on his face. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me by the ribs and I woke up by the cry I let.

I fell asleep again and I saw that what had grabbed me was the hand of a friendly giant. We were in an underground passage by some water and he was making tricks and dancing, taking advantage of his height and the elasticity of his body. He wore tight, black overalls and made somersaults in the water. My dog woke me up for good this time.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Egypt in France

I was in London. I saw that I was working in the studio. It was a fine morning. I was working on an extra-large desk when my eye caught a book or a magazine about Egypt.

I left the studio to return back home and take care of the dog but I took an alternative route and I started climbing a mountain with thick vegetation. I passed under heavily hanging wines and I came across a couple of tourists that were staring at a shallow hole in the ground that was covered with something that looked like cement. It  had something printed up on it and they were wondering wether it was an ancient scripture. I informed them that the material was contemporary and went on with my scroll. I walked and walked and it was all very interesting, although I can no longer describe it in detail.

Eventually I got on the top of the hill and realized I was walking on a pyramid that had been transported to Europe. I also realized that I was no longer in England but that I had accidentally crossed the borders and that I was now In France. I started panicking. I had no idea how I had gone there, I could not retrace my course, I did not have my passport with me and the whole place looked so unfamiliar. I could see the pyramid behind me but all around I could only see the pointy beams of a large, industrial bridge. It was turquoise and white but I could not tell where it led. 

I decided that there was no way I could find my way back on my own. Furthermore I was aware that I was surrounded by water and did not really understand how I had got from England to France on foot. I took the widest road and got to the boarder. There I found an official with a thin mustache and old-school military clothes, like a prototype from an old film. I asked if he wouldn't mind if I explained to him my situation in English because I was too stressed for French. He was very helpful. I started searching in my bag for any documents in English but all I could find were the ones I have in Greek. There was also a woman there. She was full and around her fifties. I did not know what she was doing there but she kept butting in and she seemed eager to figure out the way I had taken to cross to France so as to barricade it. 

The official looked perplexed and asked me to fill out some forms with my personal information, since he could not understand what was written on my identity card. He asked if I had any money for accommodation and I was delighted to find that  I had my red wallet with my ATM card with me. I was really worried about my dog that had been alone for so many hours and I wanted to call my partner to let him know that I would be late.

I woke up. The sun had rose but I had another hour until the alarm clock would start beeping. I slept again and dreamt of blue paper flowers with petals that flew in the wind when one blew at them. 

Monday, 16 July 2012


I was looking out  from my window at a little house on a prairie. All the colours were brilliantly saturated, as if Bob Rosh had made a great effort to work with the cleaner and crisper blue and green. In front of me there was nothing but grassy fields and where they finished there was a lake and in the middle of it a small island with cows. One of them got into the water, swam to my shore and came to my window. She was more curvaceous than a real cow and she had a broad grin and innocent eyes. She came to my window and I petted her. I was worried for a little while because I did not know how my dog would react but nothing happened. This cow was completely white. I leaned forward and saw that the skin on her back was like a human's. Then I thought I should take the cow back to her rightful owner. I would swim there hoping that she would follow me. Another cow appeared but this time it was black and white. I was about to start swimming when I woke up and I have the feeling there are a few things I can't remember. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Prison visit

Αt first I saw I was at a big, open space in front of a massive building. I was standing on my own in the middle of it. I thought it was the parliament and that a chauvinistic demonstration was taking place. I thought I could see people passing in the distance and I wondered why there was no other sane person there to scream against them. I started yelling things against fascism. Sometimes my voice was loud and sometimes it faded, as it usually happens in a dream. I continued screaming but I was alone. I was afraid but I felt that I was doing the right thing. I could sense the crowd approaching but I could not really see them. On occasion I could see movement through a yellow mist. Then there was another girl where I was standing. She had big, fluorescent, green eyes and was slightly taller than me and stout. She was distant but not against me. She stared at me with those exceptional eyes.

I didn't move but instead of the parliament I was at a prison yard. The majority of the prisoners there had not committed crimes. They were either people who participated in demonstrations or people with debts. Thus it was customary that many people visited them, even if they did know any of them personally. I was there like this and I met my friend I.. She said she was broke and I gave her a fiver. We walked around for a little bit and then went towards a fountain at the centre of the yard. There were more people we knew there and among them was my sister. We were having fun and we took off our trousers and left them with our backpacks at the fountain. We were both in our panties now and started walking around. We were a funny looking couple in our underwear, with blazers on top and classy umbrellas that we used as canes. We looked oddly old-schoolish. We followed a female prisoner down an alley and she went inside a workshop that was partly underground, so that the windows were at street level. We peeped through them and saw that it looked like it had something to do with fashion design. There were voluminous books outside of it and we wondered if we should look at them, or if they were somebody's personal work.

As we were discussing on this subject the main entrance of the building opened and some officials came in with new prisoners. We run to hide form them.

Then I was alone and I was following a large policeman. I hit him and screamed at him but my hit was too soft for a man as bulky as him and he replied with a stupid remark. He went through a door and left me outside. I started walking towards the main block when I saw that the rest of the prisoners had gone inside and that now dodgy women-prisoners were outside. They looked heavy and they all wore orange overalls. I raised my chin and got on. They did not move aside for me to pass and neither did I. We rubbed our shoulders as we passed by each other. They turned and started walking by me. I understood that they thought I had gone there to steal somebody's girlfriend but I told them I had no intention of flirting and asked about their sex lives.

I think I met my friend I. again but I don't remember anything more from this dream.

Then I saw I was working on my sewing project with some lovely grey felt fabrics when the sewing machine blew a fuse. It was the third time I had pressed the snooze button of the alarm clock and decided to get up.      

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No Oyster and Chrysa

I saw I was going to London, to enroll again for my Masters course, and I did not have a passport or an international id. I got outside the airport, took a deep breath, and thought of adding some credit in my ouster card. It was at that point I made the previous realization, because I did not have my old oyster on me and I decided to get a new one. I did not have any id photos either, or the papers I would need for the university. I went on walking in a London that is not very similar to the real one but that I have visited a few times in my dreams. I visit London often this way. There is a bright London and a dark one. Now I was at the bright one that has wide streets, cool colours and is slightly futuristic in its design. 
I was about to meet someone but I thought that transport would be a great deal more difficult without an oyster card. I did not cross my mind that I could buy single tickets. I considered asking my mother to get my documents translated and sent to me, except that this sounded like a recipe for disaster. Eventually I took the decision to go back and do everything my self.

I must have been back because the scenery changed, although I was in no place I have been before. I was walking on a street, again, when I came across a man whose face seemed very familiar. I thought that we might had met during the shooting of a film. I walked a lot around a neighborhood with wide roads and tall, sepia coloured buildings. Then I met my friend J.who was with a girl I know but that never talks to me, Ch.. J.invited us to his house and then he left. At first she did not talk a lot but then we started chatting. She told me she had also had an operation to remove a fibroid recently. Hers was 51 cm in diametre. We talked about it for a while and then she told me that in the hospital she had seen a pair of girls that had drawers stuck in their anuses. She said that while they were waiting they looked perfectly cool. They were just sitting there, playing backgammon. I kept thinking that she was not such a bad girl after all and that maybe we could hang out together. 

The alarm clock went off. I woke up.    

Monday, 11 June 2012

Outlaw adventures

In that dream I was with my sister. We had developed this kind of super-powers and in the process of learning how to control them we found ourselves with two corpses. We tucked them nicely in a couple of totes and left them at some corner until we could figure out what to do with them. Among our other powers we could prevent the passage of time so I felt sure that the carcasses would neither deteriorate nor smell. The house were we left them was at the outskirts of a small town, at the top of a hill. I remember the landscape and the wooden porch on which we stood. There were a lot of mountains surrounding a small valley.

Something must have come up and we had to go. We passed by our mother's house and then she left on vacation, leaving us there in her house. We decided to go back to our place but we couldn't because the machines had risen against us.  Wherever we went the electrical devices and technological achievements would change their shapes so as to look as if they were staring at us angrily. We could not use the ATMs, or the toaster and when we tried to go underground the pipes changed their formation and looked back
at us with hate.

We were starting to get rather disappointed when we remembered of a creature we had met that despised money and technology. Maybe it could be an example for us so as to learn how to travel with this sort of limited resources. I looked at it telepathically. It resembled an amoeba and it changed its colour from red to blue and then yellow. It also looked like a big round bottle with a beak. It was a very funny-looking creature. It moved around and communicated like a peasant in an old disney cartoon. It was on a dry, edgy mountain side and it had got a couple of wheels with which it turned itself into a scooter and got moving down a stiff path.

I wondered if, now, that  we had been missing for so long, the corpses would start to decay and smell. Perhaps it would be for the best not to go back and go on living as outlaws.

The alarm went off, bringing my back to my warm little room, terribly thirsty and begging for five more minutes of sleep.  

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

bitches in black

We had lost our dog and looked for her with no results. Then we brought in new furniture in the house and a new dog. A small, white, fluffy one with small sharp teeth that occasionally appeared oddly out of its mouth and made it look like a predator of some sort. It also seamed to have no nose. We took it out for a walk and I felt sad not knowing what had happened to my previous one. Then we returned back home and I saw the body of a human under a table that was covered with a red table-cloth. It was the body of my previous room-mate that had taken the place of the lost dog at that point in my dream. She was my best friend from high-school, a tall, lean girl with dark hair and rather successful with boys (although some would question this as she has never so far managed to get into a successful relationship). She was there, lying on a large, wooden speaker with her buttocks in the actual speaker, dressed in tight leather garments. We thought she was dead and carried her in the next room. My bf asked if we would burn her carcass on the large kitchen table. I told him that since she was a human we would have to inform her mother and that she would make the arrangements for the funeral. I felt bad, for a minute there, for not having mentioned to any one that she was missing and for having the bf move in. Then she came where we were sitting, dressed in a thick, cotton, light-blue night dress and a dark red gown. She had no make-up on and her hair were nicely combed and fell evenly at each side of her face. She asked for how long she had been "out" and I told her that it had been so long we thought she was dead and that we were about to call her mother. She gave me a sweet look and I kissed her on the forehead.    

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I dreamt that I was with my looser friend J. and he had learnt how to make piercings. Somehow he convinced me to get a couple. One was above my belly button (right above it and not on it as it usually is) and the other was on my spine, waist-high. We were in something that looked like a square opening in  the middle of a forest. It was made of concrete and it had a lamp-post at one corner. Then it was no longer me and I saw this couple there from up above. They were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and then they decided to have a friendly fuck. I saw the girl lower her black panties and grab the lamp-post.

Then it was me with the piercings but as I looked down at the one on my belly I saw I was a man. I did not see a penis but it was a mans body I was looking at. I was among friends and I was explaining that my piercings are of a kind you can have when pregnant. Then I asked one of them to tell me what the one on my waist  looked like. He tried holding a mirror up for me to see but the image was too vague. He said it was big and then I realized that it was not a single stud as I had initially imagined but that that it was one of these huge studs trapped in two small rings. I got nervous and I wondered how I was going to sleep with this thing on my back.

I woke up and spent at least a couple more hours feeling that I was getting in and out of this dream. Eventually I decided that I had to really wake up and not just pretend that I would push the snooze button just one more time. I am pretty sure now that seven hours of sleep in a foggy spring day are by no means enough.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Apparently I had found a job at the same place where It was a children's magazine and I would make up-cycled toys. I was provided with a desk and when I arrived  I was the only one in the room. Soon other people came over and I felt strangely unwanted. There was a guy with a puppet. It was his job to maintain it clean and good-looking. It had a tear and hi stripped it from its clothes and I saw how it was made. It had a stiff round pillow for a head and a prolonged one for its body. The care-taker put it on a machine that coiled yarn around the pillows to improve their shape. I was very interested in that. Then I met P. in the corridor and subsequently I went back to my desk. Two girls and a guy had arrived and they had left their stuff on my chair and my bag was thrown on the floor at the corner behind them. I saw that some of my things had fallen on the floor and I bitched about it. A goth -girl gave me a fake apology. I did not know what to do as nobody had given me a brief, so I went to find P. again to ask why was everyone so rude to me.
I can't remember what took place in-between but then the office had closed but I was still there and I saw a murder. One of the guys I had met earlier had slaughtered another one. He killed him and then put him in his bed, that was there, where his desk had been. I hid behind a big, blue, chair like the one in my kitchen. I saw the killer coming towards me. He was a tall, dark-haired man with broad shoulders. He did not see me.
I did not want to tell anyone because I was afraid of him. Eventually I decided to mention the incident to P. He said it was my imagination but the corpse was still there, hidden under grey or blue heavy blankets with a limp arm hanging outside of the bed. I was expecting somebody to observe his absence and then I had to be very cautious so as not to get involved in the investigation. I kept thinking that the murderer would come after me even if he went to prison for some time.
I woke up and then went back to sleep. I slept for almost ten hours, partly because I needed it and partly out of cowardice, trying to avoid the daily choirs.    

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Going up-stairs with nurse with wound

The set was dark and ominous. My sister and me were in a house. We had just returned from a party and my sister had become friends with a girl that lived right above us. I can no longer recall how but I got separated from my boyfriend and our dog. I stayed there for a little while, waiting for them but then I got worried and got out to find them. I walked around the block, asking people if they had seen a guy with a medium sized black dog.
It was very dark, as if the light sources were limited and all the buildings looked eerie and unstable. Somehow i spotted the dog and run towards her. I started cuddling and kissing her, not paying attention to anything else. Then I  saw she was with my previous boyfriend and I felt alarmed. I had to find P. I decided to go back to the establishment where the party had taken place.
It was very dark at that point. I also thought that somebody had given me drugs and I felt rather uncertain about my self. I knew I had to climb up some very steep stairs without protective balustrade. I fell on all fours and started searching my footing with my  hands and crawled higher and higher. On my right I could feel the wall but on my left I could only see vague shadows of branches and nothing more. At some point I felt that I was pushing too much towards the wall and it was as if it was subsiding and the unattached staircase would hang on its own in mid-air. I remember clearly that I was listening to a song by  Nurse With Wound, that made the over-all experience even more crepuscular.
I finally reached the top and moved towards a door through which light was coming. There I saw my sister's new acquired friend undressing in her room. She was a full girl in stockings and garter-belt. I asked her if I could pass through her house to get to the other side.
She had just let me do that when P.woke me up.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Making films

A month ago I worked at a film as a costume designer. Last night I saw that I was at the director's house because we had a meeting there.
We were in a small, warm room with less than enough space for everyone to sit, so most of us were standing. I was chatting with the actors and the producer when I understood we would have to re-take a scene and I had not been told anything until the very last moment. I felt increasing stress and anger because nobody had respected me as a colleague enough so as to let me know in time what we were to do. I also had re-distributed the clothes and they were no longer available. I approached the director to inform him. He was also stressed and angry. We had a small dispute and then we went downstairs. Suddenly a great amount of water started falling from the ceiling but nobody gave a fuck. Then a maid came over and started mopping. We assumed that the damage had started at the small WC at the top floor. Then the floor started corroding and the staircase collapsed. Somehow everyone else had managed to get upstairs, leaving me alone at the ground floor with no obvious means to reach them. They told me to get the lift. I walked there and as I was about to get in I was stopped by a lovely older couple, who I assumed to be the director's parents. The woman was short and chubby but with a bright, friendly smile and the man was taller- I remember looking at his clothes and not at his face- and rather gentle, as I could gather from the way he spoke. We all got into the elevator and started going up. They told me that the lift was also broken and that it only took people to the first floor. They wanted to go to the third floor and therefor they would have to walk to the other end of the house to take another one. I thought that this was absurd.

That's about it. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Publishing house

I dreamt I was with my girl-friends. We were trying to get an opportunity to pitch a project at a big publishing house. We were standing outside their establishment in order to book an appointment. Time was passing and we realized that nobody was bothering with us. We turned and started walking further down the road. A man called us then. He was a very dodgy-looking man, that now reminds me of Edward James Olmos at Blade Runner. He informed us that an editor would see us there and then and that we would have to follow him. We did and we went inside and then through a side door and inside a lift that led us, by getting out from the other side of which we got in, to the attached building. There were no furniture and the whole place had the colour of concrete with intervals of the cloudy sky that was visible through the openings left by the absence of finished walls. The industrial site made our prospect encounter even stranger.We must have been rather high, judging by the view. I could see that the clouds were almost at eye-level. We walked further in passing by small, silent groups of people dressed in faded colours, as if they wanted to match the environment. We were still following our suspiciously looking top-dog, getting increasingly stressed by the fact that we had nothing in our hands to present. After all we had only gone there to book a date. I wished I had a card with my blog address on me when I saw that one of the girls was beginning to act like a harlot. This enraged me. I had had enough of this girl, always getting her way in this intolerable manner. I started feeling increasingly confident about my work and quickened my pace. We stood in front of a large, threatening opening on the wall.

Somebody woke me up. Darn.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Goths and vampires

I have been watching a lot of episodes from "the nanny" latelly and I saw her in my sleep. Only, she was merged with an old, lean, generic figure of a mature man with silver hair. I woke up in the middle of the night with this disturbing image on my mind but no further details of what I had been dreaming.

I slept again and saw the man again, or someone with a similar description. He had me staying in his manor that resembled both a loft and a castle. It was night and posh people were there, sitting around a table, eating and drinking. Then Hell broke loose and at first we were chasing around a couple of attackers and then a thin, goth girl stopped me as I was running down the stairs. It was the kind of staircase you see in old horror movies, that runs around a circular-built, brick wall and has no balustrade. She informed me that the man was a vampire and that the only thing he wanted from me was my youth. She made herself pretty clear and I was convinced of the truth of her statement. As I was about to escape with her the vampires reached us. It was a big scene with people screaming and accusing each-other. We kept running around and then I woke up again. It was dawn and I went back to sleep.

I met the man once more. I was angry at him for trying to take advantage of me, although I did miss his gloomy-classy, vintage-horror, minimal mansion and la-di-da friends. I sat next to him at a round, wooden table and brought my chair rather close. My hair were straight and I had black glasses on. We went on talking about this and that and moved closer to each-other in a careless sort of way. He gave me a small piece of paper and I started drawing doodles on it. Then his father came and sat with his business associates on our table. I was very rude and did not pay any attention to them, only continued drawing doodles. He informed his father that I was a psychiatric patient and therefor anything could be expected from me and all would be justified. I could act regardless of every social convention. I felt like a diva in my sunglasses and long black hair.

Later I was standing by him, as he was sitting on a chaise-longue, talking about the orthography of adjectives and more specifically of the word "platonic" in reference to love. We agreed to go to a party together and he became significantly younger. We walked into a super market and did some shopping. As we were approaching the cashier I remembered that I had forgotten the most important things: beer and snacks. I asked him to wait for me and I would rush and get some. I found the most extraordinary package! It was a long glass tube that rose as a spiral and had multiple cans of different brands of beer inside. Spectacular! I grabbed a couple and as I was walking towards the bakery I saw my mother and sister coming down the stairs. We spoke for a moment as I was picking up buns and my dog came as well. I thought it was very inappropriate for a dog to be at the bakery and pushed her aside. A random girl passed between us. My mother, my sister and I walked to the cashier and found my fellow waiting patiently. When we got out it was night-time again and he sat down at the pavement. I exhibited the package of booze I had discovered and I was very proud about it. It started liquifying in my hands and I put it in my back-pack. My mom had fallen asleep next to a tree and next to her was a custom-designed juice carton. We woke her up and asked her if she had ordered for it but she replied that it was not hers.

We left that place and sat at the top of a small hill that overlooked a part of a city. I think that my mother and sister were still there but probably sitting at a small distance from us. I was sitting on the ground with my legs crossed and next to me was my new friend, that by that point was as young as I am, dressed like a glamorous goth. Next to him was a girl in similar clothes. They were both lying on their tummies and I could see their round and slim buttocks under their skinny trousers. We were talking about old class-mates and friends from the university and my friend T. and Ch., a girl I was never fond of, came up as a subject. He said something silly and I spanked him. The girl laughed and I hit her bum too. Then I accused her of enjoying the incident too much. The sky had the colours of dusk and I woke up.

Friday, 3 February 2012

huge fluffy fungus

Initially I was with friends designing reindeer. I didn't know if I should make them to be presented from above or from a frontal view point. At that point I also started treating the subject as a three-dimensional object and as a drawing at the same time.

Then, through a complete change of scenery, I found my self at a student's dormitory that was partly a squat. As I was about to walk to my room a big girl stopped me and informed me that we were being invaded by skinheads. She also told me it was not the first time and that the only way to save ourselves from getting beaten was to escape through the top floors to the nearby mountains. My room was at the top floor and we rushed there, collected a few things for the night and got out through the window.

It was tricky to climb up the trees that lead to the mountain top. A funny mountain it was because it felt all fluffy and soft, like a very large fungus. We were crawling on all fours on it and as the wind blew it moved and I saw inside the cracks that opened on its surface. I saw my old duvet in there. We kept crawling until we reached a spot from where we could see our building. We hoped they couldn't see us. Soon the enemies reached my room. I saw them though the window. One of them saw us too and asked how many we were. The girl responded that it was just the two of us. I had hidden underneath a bulgy, colourful sombrero I found in my back pack. The guy asked if I was Mexican. I got rid of the hat because apparently it turned me into a target. We camped there and heard the reports of the victims in the buildings. Most of them were the invaders that had assaulted each other. I told them that they were a disgrace to the rest of the punks and that they had turned a squat into a massacre.

Morning came and I pooped in the middle of a green carpet we had to create soap. Subsequently I took a very big bar of green soap that I had wrapped in oil-paper and put in my bag, sliced it and hid the poop in there. I asked the girl if there was no other way from the mountain to the city apart from my window. Her answer was negative. She told me that if we moved further we might meet more people that have escaped the building. We walked further down the mountain and reached some bookshelves with my books. I was very happy that they had been salvaged but there were also a bunch of posh lads that had borrowed a few for the night. I was not happy at all about this. I saw my Discworld volumes and caressed them lovingly. Dark was starting to fall again and I decided to take a stroll at that part of the town. I had never been there before. As I got off the fungus mountain I found myself on a narrow street with tall brick walls on either side. It looked mystified.

The alarm went off and I woke up.

I went back to sleep and this time I was at the top again, in a rather spacious tent and P.was there too. He had a desk by the window through which we could observe the mayhem. We heard noise as if somebody was approaching. I hid in my sleeping-bag and kept quiet. Then I started wondering how we hoped to be hidden and lay low in that mansion-size tent. I accepted it as a convention.

P. was awake, listening to music. I also woke up. I had a sip from a cup of luke-warm cocoa he had left beside me. Good-morning would have to wait.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


I dreamt I was back in the University and that I was staying at the dormitory. I was at a road, up a mountain, that connecting these two places. I think I was with my friend V. It was more a path than a road but still wide and bland enough for a car to pass through. Left and right of this red and brown earthen path were tall, lean trees. There were many groups of people walking like us but none of us seemed to know exactly where we were going. It was more as if we were told how to get there and the basic instruction was "follow the path in the woods". Everything was going smoothly when suddenly the path separated in two, at some distance from where we were at the time. It was quite graphic because of the artificiality of the whole picture. The two new paths lead towards totally different directions and they couldn't possibly end at the same place. The growth of trees that was in the middle also looked bogus, but in a "nature's-tricks" sort of way. What I mean is that the road split in two, rather abruptly, by a gradually increasing cluster of tall and thin trees, that formed a weird angle that reminded me of bottles set for bowling. At the edge there was one tree followed by two, then three, then four, then a thick forest.

(continuing from the draft, some days later, I can't remember much)We chose to take the path on the left. We met a chubby fellow that accompanied us. Somehow I pitied him because he gave me the impression that he didn't have that many friends to talk to. -Memory gap- I was outside the dormitory about to go back to the university. I was standing by a tall concrete wall. The sea was somewhere near. I found a big roll of money on the floor, I picked it up rapidly and stuffed it in my pocket.

I can recall no more!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The gun

I wouldn't mention this dream if I hadn't seen a gun. Not only I saw it but I caught it, I lifted it from the floor and felt its weight in my hand. I don't know what real guns feel like but it was fascinating, better than driving.

When I woke up I didn't know I had been dreaming the previous night. All right, we dream every night, still when I opened up my eyes I had no idea of what had happened in my sleep. But then, while I was preparing my coffee I remembered. A few boring things at first and then the gun.

I was with my partner at a summer resort. We weren't together but I really fancied him. For some reason us being together was prevented but I crawled next to him in a bed he was sharing with a couple more people and I whispered in his ear that we should meet in private. I can't remember very well the course of events but then we were at a factory that crushed garbage. It was very clean, almost pristine. Big machines would lift big bundles of staff, throw them in other big machines that would crush them and form them in a descent, nice square. I was searching for P.probably although I am not exactly sure it was him at that point. I found him under a red velvet drape that was randomly thrown over some tables and other piles of clean garbage. I found him and pulled him up. I also found his gun, which I was very reluctant to touch. I picked it up non-the-less. It was heavy but well balanced and cold. It was not a big gun. I would say that it was approximately 17 cm long, in the silvery colour of polished iron with a simple wooden handle. My fingers found their place naturally around it. My index rested easily on the trigger and I panicked. It was as if I couldn't point it at empty space but it lead my hand to point it at the people that were there. I asked the man that might have been P. to stop fidgeting and take his dangerous staff from my hands. From the little I know about guns (my resources being toy guns and films) I checked to see if the cock was pulled. The stupid thing was prepared and ready to shoot and I really did not want to be its accomplice.

Subsequently we were at the house at the summer resort again. I had just woken up when I realized that we would have to pass through the hell of public transport to get back home because my beloved had decided to let the car go home on its own pulled behind his brother-in-law's car. I was infuriated. Mostly due to the irrationality of the decision. I started packing and searching for a convenient bag to put my clothes in because my suitcase was in the car. I had made neat little piles of things on the bed with all the things I found under the bed and realized that I did not have that many things left after all. I had a white brazier I didn't plan to use any more that I gave to a cousin of P. Still raving mad I asked him to call them and ask them to bring our car back to us and that I would handle the negotiations with them from that point on. Apparently he was awful at fights and could not form an argument to save his life and for them "no" was not an acceptable answer. Damn and blast.

I woke up having slept more than enough and now I shall finish my coffee and start what appears to be a bright busy day.

Monday, 23 January 2012


At first I did not know where all the sound and light came from but I saw them when I pulled the curtain. They also saw me. There were military trained men with helmets and torches examining every inch inside our houses from the helicopters. I was worried they had come for me, they were starring so intensively at my face, but then the three helicopters moved and I saw that they did the same to every apartment. Somehow I learnt that it was some criminal they were after. He was a very dangerous convict that had escaped and was probably hiding in our district. We became aware of the fact that every door in our house was left open. Even the front door that we usually closed right after using it was now gaping open. The apartment had prolonged. Perhaps it was the long shadows of dusk that gave this impression. I pushed the door closed and took a quick look under the furniture. Those areas seemed uninhabited for a while and we assumed we were most probably safe.

Then I was outside with people, returning from some restaurant. I did not know everyone so well, neither was I feeling at ease around them. We approached a large public building that resembled an orthodox church and we spread around there.

Afterwards I was at home when I remembered I still had my sister's keys and that I should take them to her. Her house was just a short walk from mine. As I was passing outside a small booth with a curtain and thin rods at the front I wondered if it was the police station. I went closer and asked if anyone had reported theft in the neighborhood. I explained that my sister was living near the church and that she had been away for a few days and that I had heard that somebody had broken into the church and if this was true if they had taken anything of value or if there had been burglars in the near by buildings as well. They responded negatively and I left. In the booth I saw two women that looked more like porn stars than cops.

As I got in the yard of the house where my sister lived, it dawned on me that I hadn't given a warning call. If she was not expecting me she might not be in the mood for a social visit. So I called her. There was no response but I heard her crying from the bathroom window. I knocked on the door and her roommate, T., opened the door for me. She informed me that my sister had had a really bad morning because she had to take a shower while getting constant small electric shocks because there was some issue with their bathroom. I saw her and she showed me the burn-marks on her wrists.

The alarm clock went off. I had to get up. Not much to do today outside the house. I think I'll stay here where it is nice and safe and sound.

Friday, 20 January 2012

the orange sweater

Last night I had three cups of cava-cava before I went to bed. I don't know if it is related to it but I dreamt a lot. Despite the fact that I remember that this is not how it all started, the thing that I recall most vividly is me trying to have s.. with p., who actually looked more like my previous boyfriend than himself. We were doing it on some stairs outside the place we were temporarily living in. It was like a hostel or something. There we were, in the dark, on the dump stairs of the opposite building, trying to get on to it when people started arriving. We were still fully dresses so I did something to cover his back and we pretended we were just kissing. His sister arrived after a while. She was wearing some hand-made knitwear of mine. It was a flossy orange t-shirt like cardigan with black trimmings on the neck. I was trying to remember why I had given it to her and came to the conclusion that I had lent it to her for an occasion and that she was merely exploiting it. She had lost a lot of wait and it fitted her like a very elegant dress. I went to the kitchen and when I returned I found her on p.'s lap, in an incestuous position. They were laughing so much that I felt embarrassed because I thought they were making fun of me but then I heard her say her boyfriends name and I understood that they were only fooling around. Yet I could not kick away the feeling of embarrassment and I blushed.

The building we were living in was huge and it must have been a busy hour because people were coming and going all the time. Somebody informed us that something had gone wrong and that there would be a curfew later that night.

That's about all that is left in my memory until now.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I dreamt of snakes. I saw I was with P. and that we were carrying around a big box of bags. It was late at night. We stopped outside S.'s, a former employ's of mine, shop and I still had the keys. I unlocked the door and we went inside. I left the box there and P. really wanted to steal something. Despite the fact that I had no problem to open the door I did not know the combination code to turn off the alarm. Apparently it had not gone off because it had a movement detector that did not cover the area that was closer to the door. I kept asking P. to be careful as I saw him approaching the movement detector. It looked like a ceiling camera and a smoke detector. S. had a snake for a new pet, a small cobra. P. took it. We locked the door and run home.

Some incident had taken place in the neiboorhood and it was full of policemen. We went inside. P. insisted that the snake was harmless and that it was all right to let it loose. I disagreed big-time. From my point of view it was a very bad idea to take it in the first place. What if it bit the dog or if we got caught. After all we had just left a big box there. S. would definitely know it was us.

Somebody knocked on the door. It was policemen. I was intimidated at first but remembered soon that they were there for another reason and that it was most unlikely that that had come to arrest us for braking into S.'s shop. Indeed they informed me that something had taken place and that they would be around. They were very funny-looking, in a cartoonesque manner. They were two men and a woman, all tall (it felt as if I had a wide-angle view of them), smiling and pot-bellied. They were dressed like sheriffs in small American towns as they are shown in films. One was wearing a thick red pullover.

In the mean-time P. had let the snake out of its box and I was trying to prevent Inuki, our dog, from chasing it. She was barking at it and it was an aggressive little thing. It tried to bite me and I was not sure if it had managed to bite her as well. Eventually she caught it and killed it. I was very frustrated after I shaw her with its head in her mouth. I was sure she had been bitten in the fight. Soon after we disposed of it there appeared multiple smaller ones. The awful thing had given birth.

I can't remember what we did with the snakes but afterwards I was sitting in the living room with the policemen that had come for a social visit.

In the next dreaming session I saw that I was sitting my our friend Ei., drinking. I was also involved in some mischief and was hiding something from a television couple that was in our company. P. woke me up. It was much later than it should have been and he was already late for work. It is a cold, rainy morning. The temperature is 7 Celsius degrees and I am working at five past three, twenty minutes form here. Now I have to do the dishes and prepare our dinner, because I won't be back until 8 or even later.