Friday, 7 September 2012

the chalky indian

In my first dream I saw that I was going somewhere when a tall man covered in white dust passed by me. He was very impressive, all white as he was. He went up some stairs and I was walking behind him but then he slowed down and I decided to jump form the stairs down into the building that looked like a parking lot. There was not enough room for me to do so, though, thus I tried to go a little further and try again but the man stopped me. His face was too close to mine and this made me feel uncomfortable. The chalk had fallen of him now and I could see he was one of those indians with the colorful turbans and the voluminous, pointy mustaches. He looked aggressive. Then we were in a narrow corridor, kissing and cuddling. He lifted me and pressed his genitals towards mine. I felt aroused and hoped that he would penetrate, although at that point I started thinking about intercourse in dreams and how it is always inconclusive. He put me down and turned. I saw his waist and his "gluteus maximus", thinking how nice they all were, despite the fact that I did not know what he had in mind when he took that posture. I observed his skin that was shinny and tanned. 

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