Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The place were men go to dissapear

I think it all begun on a high-speed road, only it wasn't a real one but one form the set of a soap-opera that had been going on for years. The place was almost vacant; one could see a single actor dressed as a butler here and there, mostly at road-crossings. We got into a false cab and head towards the subway station.
There were many people in the platform, mostly men with gloomy expressions. It was a high-tech station of the kind that has a glass syringe through which the train moves, so that the clients are safe from the gap. This glass tube was filled with floating people, both women and men, with terrible faces full of anxiety, that looked at as as if they asked as to save them from their transparent trap. All along the top of the tube was a complex of screens that projected images of violence and slaughter; raw flesh, bones and blood.
I felt sick in my stomach. We sat down at an empty spot and somebody brought us a blanket. everything was dark and came to great contradiction to the colours at the beginning of the dream, although it was all still rather clear and pristine. The man that was supposed to be my father got up and stood by the wall with the other men. I asked him to go back to us where he would be safe but he said it was too late for him. I stayed on the floor with the younger man that was now in pain and we cuddled. I tried to keep him safe and warm.
I was walking in a crowded city with my sister and some other women. It was night but the whole place was full of neon lights. It was raining and we were under a large umbrella. We passed by a kiosk and a great stream of water came down upon us form a near-by building.
The younger man and I were at some other place now. I think he escorted me home and I introduced him to my boyfriend. [...] We met again and we were cooking lentil-soup. We had to crush some dried bread to make large cups of it to eat the soup. He told me he really liked me and I informed him I felt the same and that we should be together because we would be the perfect couple. I did not know what to do with my life up to that point though. My boyfriend had no idea of the fact that I had fell in love with a stranger. On the contrary, everything was fine between us. How would I take my things and leave? I also wanted the first dog. We had taken in another dog as well, but it was too large and it kept bitting me and I did not want that one.
 We were at a restaurant and I wanted to go upstairs but in order to do this i would have to use an old wooden ladder. I explained that I have a fear of heights and that I would rather get there in some other fashion. The boy suggested that we use a smaller ladder and that we put it on a table so that I could start for a higher point. I said that I am used to climbing upwards only from the right side of things and that if I try to get there form the left side of the room I am sure to fall down and crush my neck. He said it was impossible but did not insist that I try it.
I was outside again at the crowded place and all the dogs had come to find me. Other dogs approached us and I tried to restrain mine so as not to attack the new ones. The large dog was really hard to handle were us my real dog was smaller than it really is in my dream. I took her to the house of my uncle Steven and looked for his dog. I saw that she had been there earlier and that she had pooped several times at various places on the porch and on the yard. I led her outside and started collecting her poo in a plastic bag. Soon I realized it was not large enough and then I remembered that my mother stayed there as well, so I went to her house to get a new plastic bag.
When I woke up I saw my bf and felt relieved that I did not have to leave him for another man. I pressed the snooze button of the alarm clock and fell back into a dream where we were making a Pink Floyd cover out of old, wire hangers.     

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