Sunday, 29 July 2012

I had no nose

I took a cat nap in the  afternoon heat and I dreamt I was a dark-complexioned junky and that I had no nose.

I was at my mother's house and I had taken a lot of drugs. I was sitting on the floor in front of a small sofa and I took a paper-cutter and severed my own nose. My mom came back and I presented my missing nose. Then I fixed it with green tape on my old glasses from which I had removed the specs. I had regretted having scarred my self so badly but I was not in any pain, I was just ugly.

I was sleeping in a pink convertible car in my garage when two girls, one of my students and a friend of hers, visited me. I was talking to them and I realized I was not wearing my nose. I apologized and explained that life without a nose was hard but that at least I was lucky enough to have my own nose to cover up the hole. I thought, then, that my nose would go off as it was now dead flesh and I started looking for a taxidermist to fix it for me.

I was in another car, stopped at the traffic lights, while my friend was making an illegal transaction. A large policeman (a man of colour) hit my rear window with his stick and I got out. He asked if he could pet my dog. I informed him that she is afraid of strangers and told him that he could pet her at his own risk. He just looked at her while I was petting her.

Afterwards I was at our apartment and my partner was making another illegal deal when the policeman came over. He told me I was a good girl and sat down to have tea with me. I transformed into a woman of colour and I had crochet pink tattoos on my nose and forehead. He inquired where my friends had gone and I responded that they were at the loo. The polieceman had transformed into a large Indian with lots of feathers on his head. I told him I was a big junky and that he was stupid not to see through my lies.

I woke up. I have the strangest dreams in the afternoon.    

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