Monday, 16 July 2012


I was looking out  from my window at a little house on a prairie. All the colours were brilliantly saturated, as if Bob Rosh had made a great effort to work with the cleaner and crisper blue and green. In front of me there was nothing but grassy fields and where they finished there was a lake and in the middle of it a small island with cows. One of them got into the water, swam to my shore and came to my window. She was more curvaceous than a real cow and she had a broad grin and innocent eyes. She came to my window and I petted her. I was worried for a little while because I did not know how my dog would react but nothing happened. This cow was completely white. I leaned forward and saw that the skin on her back was like a human's. Then I thought I should take the cow back to her rightful owner. I would swim there hoping that she would follow me. Another cow appeared but this time it was black and white. I was about to start swimming when I woke up and I have the feeling there are a few things I can't remember. 

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