Thursday, 28 June 2012

Prison visit

Αt first I saw I was at a big, open space in front of a massive building. I was standing on my own in the middle of it. I thought it was the parliament and that a chauvinistic demonstration was taking place. I thought I could see people passing in the distance and I wondered why there was no other sane person there to scream against them. I started yelling things against fascism. Sometimes my voice was loud and sometimes it faded, as it usually happens in a dream. I continued screaming but I was alone. I was afraid but I felt that I was doing the right thing. I could sense the crowd approaching but I could not really see them. On occasion I could see movement through a yellow mist. Then there was another girl where I was standing. She had big, fluorescent, green eyes and was slightly taller than me and stout. She was distant but not against me. She stared at me with those exceptional eyes.

I didn't move but instead of the parliament I was at a prison yard. The majority of the prisoners there had not committed crimes. They were either people who participated in demonstrations or people with debts. Thus it was customary that many people visited them, even if they did know any of them personally. I was there like this and I met my friend I.. She said she was broke and I gave her a fiver. We walked around for a little bit and then went towards a fountain at the centre of the yard. There were more people we knew there and among them was my sister. We were having fun and we took off our trousers and left them with our backpacks at the fountain. We were both in our panties now and started walking around. We were a funny looking couple in our underwear, with blazers on top and classy umbrellas that we used as canes. We looked oddly old-schoolish. We followed a female prisoner down an alley and she went inside a workshop that was partly underground, so that the windows were at street level. We peeped through them and saw that it looked like it had something to do with fashion design. There were voluminous books outside of it and we wondered if we should look at them, or if they were somebody's personal work.

As we were discussing on this subject the main entrance of the building opened and some officials came in with new prisoners. We run to hide form them.

Then I was alone and I was following a large policeman. I hit him and screamed at him but my hit was too soft for a man as bulky as him and he replied with a stupid remark. He went through a door and left me outside. I started walking towards the main block when I saw that the rest of the prisoners had gone inside and that now dodgy women-prisoners were outside. They looked heavy and they all wore orange overalls. I raised my chin and got on. They did not move aside for me to pass and neither did I. We rubbed our shoulders as we passed by each other. They turned and started walking by me. I understood that they thought I had gone there to steal somebody's girlfriend but I told them I had no intention of flirting and asked about their sex lives.

I think I met my friend I. again but I don't remember anything more from this dream.

Then I saw I was working on my sewing project with some lovely grey felt fabrics when the sewing machine blew a fuse. It was the third time I had pressed the snooze button of the alarm clock and decided to get up.      

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