Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No Oyster and Chrysa

I saw I was going to London, to enroll again for my Masters course, and I did not have a passport or an international id. I got outside the airport, took a deep breath, and thought of adding some credit in my ouster card. It was at that point I made the previous realization, because I did not have my old oyster on me and I decided to get a new one. I did not have any id photos either, or the papers I would need for the university. I went on walking in a London that is not very similar to the real one but that I have visited a few times in my dreams. I visit London often this way. There is a bright London and a dark one. Now I was at the bright one that has wide streets, cool colours and is slightly futuristic in its design. 
I was about to meet someone but I thought that transport would be a great deal more difficult without an oyster card. I did not cross my mind that I could buy single tickets. I considered asking my mother to get my documents translated and sent to me, except that this sounded like a recipe for disaster. Eventually I took the decision to go back and do everything my self.

I must have been back because the scenery changed, although I was in no place I have been before. I was walking on a street, again, when I came across a man whose face seemed very familiar. I thought that we might had met during the shooting of a film. I walked a lot around a neighborhood with wide roads and tall, sepia coloured buildings. Then I met my friend J.who was with a girl I know but that never talks to me, Ch.. J.invited us to his house and then he left. At first she did not talk a lot but then we started chatting. She told me she had also had an operation to remove a fibroid recently. Hers was 51 cm in diametre. We talked about it for a while and then she told me that in the hospital she had seen a pair of girls that had drawers stuck in their anuses. She said that while they were waiting they looked perfectly cool. They were just sitting there, playing backgammon. I kept thinking that she was not such a bad girl after all and that maybe we could hang out together. 

The alarm clock went off. I woke up.    

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