Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The black Samurai

P., me and an unidentified guest were at our apartment and about to go to sleep when we were attacked by a ninja. He terrorized us and chased us round the house. Then he laid down to sleep on the couch and we took his katana and killed him. He looked more like a medieval samurai than a ninja. He wore black, a big helmet and an armour that was very wide on the shoulders, so as to look gigantic.

The dead samurai was lain there on my couch, with his helmet still on and the sword protruding perpendicular from his chest. We were still in the dark but we thought of checking out the window to see if any of our neighbours had seen something. Strangely, and despite the late hour, everyone was there. The people who live in the apartment right across from ours had a lot of guests in black suits and frocks, who were sitting as if in a theatre balcony but appeared to be looking somewhere further to the left. We leaned outside our balustrade to see if there was something that pulled their attention. At the same time we noticed there were people on the balcony right above who were also attracted by the same spectacle. It was a film projection on the wall of a tall building. It had no special interest for us so we jumped over the porch and climbed to the attached construction.

The guest transformed into I., a dude I was fond of some time ago, and we found ourselves in a vacation house with thick lawn. He pulled a chair and we sat there, side by side. He was talking about something extremely interesting but I have forgotten what it was. I kept thinking I wanted to do him and the tension was building up nicely. And then I woke up.   

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

we did not get to the carnival

I was with my friend M. in my dream. I had visited her at her house where she lived with her brother and her father. We were sitting and smoking in the balcony. I had to go inside and when I was returning to the porch I saw I was not wearing something from the waist up so I put on my purple coat and moved towards the door. The brother interrupted my course and I was annoyed because this meant I would have to talk to the father and I did not want to do this. The brother told me that the father had said that he owed me something he actually owed to my parents from a long time ago. I replied that it had been so long that it no longer mattered. Two friends of M. came over and we decided to go see the carnival parade because it was night time already. Then we were walking on the street among other people and fires were burning in barrels at the pavement. I was talking to one of the new girls while we were holding hands. She mentioned something about sister Berta( a nurse from a book I am currently reading). I woke up.

Friday, 25 January 2013

K., P. & S.

I dreamt I was staying with K. and his new girlfriend for a few days. I haven't met her but, in my dream, she was very nice. I cooked for them and we had a meal on the porch. We made a lot of jokes and we laughed a lot. Then we took the plates to the sink and they went to their room. Later we were walking at a pier and P. was there too. P. and K. were wearing the same outfit. I think it consisted of a t-shirt, a cardigan and- that I remember clearly- checked trousers in shades of pink. The girl was wearing something matching and I knew I had the very same clothes in my closet. I thought it was a fortunate coincidence that I had not put them on this day because we would look absolutely ridiculous. I remembered that I had seen P.'s parents dressed exactly like this. I made fun of them for looking so similar. K.'s new girl mentioned that the sex they had on Sunday was better that on Saturday.
Next I saw that some of P.'s friends, from P., had visited us. We gathered in an old storage place to smoke. It was a dimly lit room with an old sofa in the middle and closed boxes on the walls. Somebody asked if K. had been a god boyfriend to me and if there was anything that I might want to let the new girl know. I said that people's behavior varies according to their mates. I went out and when I came back in the company had changed. New people had arrived and others were gone. It was my turn to smoke so I stood next to the person holding the cigarette. He turned and I saw it was S.. I reached out but he bypassed me and gave it to a fatso that was sitting on the couch. I protested and we straggled a little. Eventually he gave it to me and we started chatting. He was trying to kiss me but I avoided his mouth because I thought P. was there. He was there indeed, on the couch, but he was not looking towards us. S. asked me what would I do if he tied me up, threw me on the floor and screw my brains out, as the rumor has it. I tried to be discreet and tell him that this was neither the time nor the place and that we should meet another time so that he can keep this promise. Unfortunately, just then I woke up. :(  

Monday, 21 January 2013

Mass suicide

I had this dream of agreeing to commit mass suicide. P.'s visits to the hospital were not for his hurt leg but for chemo-treatments instead. Yet his hair was intact and he seemed to be doing nicely. His parents and sister and her fiancee talked us into killing ourselves. We would all fall from a cliff. We would start by crawling on a protruding tree-trunk and when we got half way across it we would just let go and fall.
The time was coming and I decided I didn't want us to die, so I said so to P.. I told him that his folks  can do as they please but that I thought it would be wrong for us to fall and die. He agreed to live and said that he had to inform his parents for our decision because in this case they might want to live too. I was not so sure if I wanted to provide this sort of information to them.
I also saw that I was trapped in a building, which is a reoccurring theme in my dreams. As always the building was massive and overpopulated but I can't be more specific. My mother might have been there. I don't know.
In another dream I saw I was with P., his sister and her fiancee. They had come for a visit but we were not at our house either. We might have been at a summer resort. They brought us food and wet clothes. I gathered all our food supplies to make plans for the days to come and I saw I had been making a rocket salad everyday for a few days, but it was not eaten, so I kept it and made a new one every new day. We also had raisins, lima beans and other pulses. I spread all of them on a blue metallic table and I accidentally mixed them. I was sitting there by the fiancee, whom I am not particularly fond of, I had hacked into an ATM and I was using it as a television. I had purchased new leggings and they had some unexpected decorations, bellow the foot, and I was chewing them off.  I was wearing them at the time so I had to have my uncle near my mouth. In this posture I was looking at the ATM and occasionally making small talk with him. Despite my negative feelings for our company I was having a good time. Everything was peaceful. Then I was inside, talking to the sister. She was telling me that one day she had become very tired of working in the lab and that her fiancee had picked her up and they got married in a small chapel. I told her it sounded nice and she asked how was it nice, as if she was not impressed by anything. I told her it was kind of romantic.
I opened my eyes and saw that it was time to get up. My old, faithful alarm clock broke and the one I am using now does not have a snooze option, so one can't pledge for five more minutes of sleep. I think that for my name day I'll get me a new alarm clock. I like alarm clocks, as objects, although I am not happy to be waken up. I think alarm clocks look nice.      

Sunday, 20 January 2013


"Iamvlichos used to be such a small village, with just ten people at first". I do not know the rest of  the story because I woke up. My bladder was very full and I couldn't trick myself to go back to sleep.
I dreamt of dogs. I was with P.'s sister, who was feeding crisps to them and I was afraid that mine would attack the others to get all the food. I also dreamt that I was going to a summer resort with a scooter that, in order for it to work, the custom was to place a huge rolled banknote on the back of it. When I got there- it might have been Iamvlichos (like the philosopher Iamblichus)-I was all alone. I was wondering what to do with the scooter, until I decided to take back my money since nobody would know or see anything. Later, or right afterwards, I heard the voice of a female news-anchor say the phrase with witch I opened this story.    

Thursday, 17 January 2013


In the the summer I find it quite easy to wake up at the break of dawn. In the winter, on the other hand, it feels almost like a sacrilege to leave my warm slumber before the sun has come up. Today, I had to get up while it was still dark outside. As I was searching for clothes, in my closet, in the dark, I thought I got a "smell" that reminded me of my life before I finished school, and I wondered if it is a characteristic winter morning smell, or if the process triggered the memory of it.
As far as dreams are concerned, things were not very exciting.
I remember talking to people and organizing something like a festive play for our work environment. We were at a garage and for some reason I was pissed off. On my way out my path was blocked by  a car that parked in front of me. I started yelling at the driver to move back a little so that I can pass but instead he got off. I became very angry and I threatened to make a dent on his car with a small tin of paint I found near by. He challenged me to realize my threat and I did. I made the hood of his car cave in. He asked why I didn't do the same on the side as well, so I marked his door too. Then I went to work. Although it was an office it looked a lot like a shopping mall from the 80s. I took the escalator and got to the door. Nobody was there, the lights were out and there was a note on the door to inform employees that we would be working part-time from now on. More girls arrived  and gathered behind me. We were looking at the note wandering what was going on and why had we not been previously informed.  As if updating us on our work status with a single note was not enough, it was written on an ugly, blue, girly memo pad, with comic sans, which is one of the ugliest fonts. Apparently, a girl called "Aeroneke" had left it for us. I woke up thinking of this name. I don't think it exists. Perhaps I'll dream of more interesting things tomorrow.     

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cabin in the woods

Looking to the west from my balcony, the sky is in the color of lead. This strikes me as odd because at 8 o'clock, when I opened my eyes, through the curtains, I though I witnessed one of the brightest yellow dawns.

I dreamt of P.. We had gone for vacation to his home town and his aunt gave us the keys to a cabin they had in the woods. We got there and I decided to take a bath. The bathroom had a specific old-times atmosphere. It was a cubic room with a medium size bathtub. Its shape was rectangular with rounded edges and it might have had a blue line running near the edge, although this could also be the design of the wall. The dominant colors were an old-school light blue and a light but warm yellow. Everything that was white once had faded to the color of sugar.
I was taking a shower. The level of the water was rising in the bathtub although I had not plugged it. Then, quite abruptly, it all went down the drain but instead of going wherever bath-water goes to rest, it flooded the floor. I thought that there is a blockage in the pipes and called for P. .I saw the water almost reaching the door but, fortunately, it was approximately 30cm above the level of the ground. He came to me and then, between the bathtub and the corridor where P.was standing,  the ground became deeper  and filled with water. P. said there was nothing he could do and we leaned towards each other above the pool that just formed and we kissed.
Afterwards we were outside. The landscape was nice and serene, with thick but low vegetation in the darker shades of green. His aunt came over to pick us up because his father was looking for us. He had become so mad with our absence that he had intentionally fallen ill and refused to be treated in a hospital. P. got into his aunt's car and I went inside to make our suitcases and lock the doors, so that could leave. I realized I had too many suitcases with me and I kept finding more clothes, some used and  some freshly washed and dried. It took me longer than I expected and by the time I had collected everything I was carrying more that I hoped for. Then I started locking things. I realized I had a lot of keys and along the way I found padlocks. I was about to lock the kitchen cupboard, that was made out of rough wood, painted blue and obviously worn out, when an old man, some old relative, showed up. As I was trying to explain who I was and what I was doing there, without stopping fixing the locks, P. and his aunt came over to see what was taking me so long. D. shoed up and informed us that a new dog had killed their cat.
We got in the car and I.was there too.
I woke up and stayed in the bed for a little longer. When I decided I had to get up I had the phrase "the scariest part was that the driver was freaked out". Apart from the knowledge that it referred to a school bus I can gather nothing else about its origin.
Outside it's pouring. I like this sort of days.          

Monday, 14 January 2013

Nazi invasion

In my dream took place a big invasion of new-breed nazis.
P. and me were at our house, packing a few things to go on vacation when it took place. They barged into our houses, grabbed people, beat them up and trapped their faces in metallic masks. People panicked and were trying to flee the country. They were too cruel for anyone not on their side to take the risk to stay here and resist. I was in a room that reminded me of my old room in my mother's house. The door opened and a girl with aryan features and red, glowing eyes smiled at me with malice. She had a pen with a sharp edge and tried to pinch my hands. When I figured out what she was trying to do I resisted. Somehow I managed through our straggle to lead her to a main building where I thought I might find someone to help me. Indeed, I found a prisoner before a fridge and he hit her on the head and hid her in there. I heard on the street that they infected people with HIV. They imported members from other countries and gave them our apartments. They also gave their members better houses than they already had. A guy with his big, pregnant Aryan wife came to leave in ours. He was acquainted with some old friends of mine. He said he had chosen to leave in my house because he and his wife liked my art. They would turn my room into the baby's room. He also informed me that my friends N., A. and G. with her boyfriend had all been made members. I though about it as an option for a little while. Perhaps if we all joined we might be able to forma group for resistance and fight them from the inside. Quick decisions had to be made.
I packed as little as possible in a back pack and left everything else behind, knowing that the chances of getting my old life back were little. We hit the road, making a last effort to head to the boarders. Lots of people were traveling this way. I was thinking that with the enemy having access to social media it would be really easy to track us down. We started climbing a mountain when I got a view of the city from above and I was also moving towards the centre of it, like a long traveling from a helicopter but I was not on one. It felt more as if I was hanging from a crane. I saw people hiding on roofs when an already existing resistance made their first crucial hit to the party's satellite. I saw the prison-masks break and the prisoners, free but exhausted, falling on the floor.
I went back to my house. The Aryan woman, holding her newborn in her hands, gave me a disgusted look. At the back of her fat neck she had a black pillowy implant that resembled the foamy pillows of headphones. She would definitely grab the first opportunity to turn me in and no one would believe I was a supporter, and even if I claimed to be one, how could I act with such cruelty? These people killed without a glimpse. I would not be a very convincing member. Neither would my eyes burn red for their cause.
The alarm clock brought me back to my warm bed.          

Sunday, 13 January 2013

too little info and sense

I saw I was at a party. I had just started going out with a very tall dude and he was there too. I was sitting at a table next to V., M's old boyfriend and brother of my old friend N. He was very nice to me and we talked a lot. On the next day when I met my boyfriend he told me that we were over. At that point another girl was there who was also a member of this relationship. We said simultaneously "No, why? Stop!" and tried to hug him. Then she disappeared and I was left alone with him. He told me I had been too flirtatious and that he would not tolerate this behaviour. On the one hand, I liked being with him, on the other the thing he said sounded like absolute bullshit, so I let him go. After all, I had met a lot of people the previous night that were really nice to me.

Then I was with P. at his house with his sister and his cousin. We would go to the sea and I did not have a swimsuit. P.'s sister told me she had one for me and one for D. .We put them on and D.'s was  too small and mine too large, although in reality I have bigger boobies than her. I thought of asking her to exchange but people were just moving around too fast and I could not get the time.

I woke up. I had tried to wake up early, at 8 o'clock I had opened my eyes and checked the time to be precise. I thought of staying there, under the warm covers just for a couple of minutes but I fell asleep again and got up at half past nine. Winter makes waking up hard, and my dreams were not that exciting either. Perhaps I should go back to bed but I won't.     

Friday, 11 January 2013

M. and a dress

I dreamt of my friend M. I cannot recall the beginning of the dream but I remember leaving a place with a lot of young people, like a squat or a residency, and visiting a vacant building across the street. There, on the back of the house she had moved her bed. She had created a warm, secluded space, behind an old wooden closet. There was her bed covered in colorful quilts and once we got there, her cat came out to greet me. Then, from under the quilt came a big black friendly dog. I did not know she had it because I always thought of her as a cat person. We were talking about her knew abode when we heard voices of people that wanted to see that house as prospective buyers. This is as far as this story went.
I also dreamt I was with my sister. We were at an older relative's house and I wanted to masturbate, so, when no one was watching I stuffed something down there. As I was about to start people came in the room and I had to stop. There was on old wooden closet in this dream too. I took some colorful pieces of fabric from there. They were supposed to be from an old-fashioned summer dress. I searched and found the rest of it. I thought it would be cut in small rugs but it was all right. Apparently they had just made it smaller. I put it on and, although the size was right it made me look very chubby and full of curves. I did not especially like that but the pattern on the fabric was awesome. It was in bright red, combined with a nice shade of blue and other colours in smaller quantities. The pattern was organic and it matched perfectly the shape of the dress. This is as much as I remember from this dream. Pretty inconclusive, ain't it? That's the thing with dreams.     

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Thursday, January ten, 2013, 7:27 in the morning. Temperature outside: 2 Celsius degrees. The Sun has not risen completely yet.

I dreamt of S. . First I saw I had gone out with P. and some people from his work and somebody that looked a lot like S. was with them. He reached for my hand and held it. It was very nice. I felt excited and hopeful, all those feelings generated by a new flirt. I liked the touch of his skin and his temperature.  I think some people noticed but nobody mentioned anything. We were sitting on a table, outside because the weather was warm. It was an easy-going summer night.

Next, I dreamt I was at my sister's and her friends were there. We would go out and I was waiting for them to get ready. They showed up with food in their hands. I became angry because I, too,  was hungry and did not want to wait for them to eat first. P. was there. I took him by the hand and we left.
We went to a bar. I had left a large jar of mandarin tea at a corner and I squeezed through some people to get it. A girl talked to me and I smiled at her.

Then I dreamt of S. again. I was at my hometown, at my uncle's second oldest shop and he was there too. We got on a couple of scooters. S. was going in the front one, behind D., and I was alone, following them in the back. He turned and looked at me and I pretended to whistle. We stopped at another cafeteria near by. He came near. I smiled at him and told him I had to go back to get something. He said they would wait for me. I tried to be really sweet. It was easy to smile when staring into his eyes.

The bloody alarm went off. After a quick argument with myself I got up. I have to go now. The temperature has fallen by 1 degree. I just hope I don't have to do this again any time soon.         

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

the pink duck and the graduation party

The alarm clock started bipping at half past seven. It was still dark outside. I made it stop and turned to the other side. I was very thirsty but the glass of water I always keep at my bedside was too cold and had given me a soar throat earlier in the night. I fell asleep. I woke up again at half past nine. After almost ten hours of sleep I still could not get myself out of the warm covers. Although it is sunny the temperature is very low. My partner and our dog are still asleep. My coffee just turned cold. Winter is here for good and sleeping is awesome, especially when one has things to do, one would like to avoid.

My dreams were odd. I saw a lot of people from the past.

I was at my sister's neighborhood, on the way to my house and the night had started falling. I was moving slowly and would not make it back until it was night for good. As I was passing from old, neglected industrial buildings I saw men running and I knew they were up to no good. I turned at the first corner so as not to get in their way but my action was futile as there was another group right in front of me. I could only hope that they would not be interested in me. They were immigrants in the mind of whom we were all the enemy. They had come here hoping for improvement and they had been treated like less than human. They were right not to show pity and I was afraid of them because I did not know anything about them and could communicate nothing. I thought of running but my feet disagreed. I just walked until I got to a central spot of the city. There was police everywhere, waiting for the upheaval. I just wanted to go home. There were shops with bright yellow lights and large entrances and cars were rushing by in great speed and little order. I stopped by a young traffic-cop-lady that seamed less hostile, to ask for directions. A car full of gypsies, or another group with a much similar life-style, stopped by her as well. As the traffic cop leaned towards their window a girl came out of the car and came to me. I can't remember who started talking but she would help me get closer to home.

 I also dreamt I was staying at a place by the sea. I was going somewhere and I was alone on the street. On my left side were medium-height, white fences, reflecting the bright sunlight. On my right I remember nothing. A pink duck was walking towards me. I tried to avoid it but it seamed very convinced to come after me. I passed it and it turned and started chasing me. It came very close and tried to bite me. I grabbed it by the throat but I did not want to kill it. I kept pushing its head back and it kept going for my hands. We fell on the floor and I was loosing the battle, until a man approached us and threw something at the duck. He helped me up. It was a tall man with a long, grey beard and a hat. I had my doubts about his trustworthiness but he had saved me from the duck.

Then it was graduation week. I had to wake up early to go get my certificate of graduation. There were multiple ceremonies taking place for each graduate individually and some of them would also grab the chance and get married, too. The whole charade started very early in the morning and the dress code was official as well. I hated the whole thing. I did not want a special ceremony just for me with people staring in front of the podium. Furthermore, I continued failing to get up early enough in the morning so I was just postponing the process and I would see others graduate and get married and the whole thing sickened me. I was at home looking for something to wear when I realized I was too late again, so I decided to just go to the party and maybe book another day for my graduation. A lot of people were there. An., a woman that used to be my supervisor at a previous job, heard me saying that if they can't schedule the ceremony for a more reasonable time I would never receive my degree, and she laughed. She had big, afro hair, very fair skin and a nice, wide smile.

I went to the plaster-studio. It was dug bellow the ground level and it looked like an ice platform. It seamed to be dug directly in the rock and one could walk above it on a narrow, wooden bridge. I looked  for a familiar face but knew no one. A man was pushing a big mountain of semi-liquid plaster with his back to the side,  almost right under my feet. I asked if I could go down there and see what they were doing. I got down a small, wooden ladder. The whole place was in the dark brown of the wood and the white of the plaster. Even the people. There I saw M. and her cousin V.. I took off my black shoes and forgot about them. When I got back out I saw that I was bear-foot and asked N. and her boyfriend N. , who were also there, to ask somebody to throw my shoes back to me because there were splinters of wood on the floor and I could not walk. Instead they brought me two odd shoes to put on and go there myself. One was a cheap, girl's black shoe that was almost too small and the other a small workman's shoe, I destroyed it as I tried to put it on. By the time I got back in the studio a man was shutting down the lights. I told him I was a past graduate and that I had left my shoes down there. He was disinterested in my story and thought I was a liar but eventually allowed me to go and pick them up. I found my dog there and took her along. He had a poodle and I was afraid my dog would attack his, so I kept her close. Then I was trying to get in a house along with plenty more people and my dog, and Harley, the neighbor's dog was there too and the man with the poodle.

I must have woken up at that point.

It is so cold my finger's are freezing, but the sun is bright, so I think I will take a walk.                

Monday, 7 January 2013

Trying to flee Constantinople

   The dream started with me taking an offer to travel. We would go to London and Berlin. I got to a large and complicated railway station, I often see in my sleep, and was trying to find my way around. I only carried a small backpack and was practically broke. My fellow traveller was a ten year old scoundrel that was running around and climbing on things. I had a hard time keeping up with him.    Finally he led me to the ticket office, through a first floor window. I was hanging outside the window, not really able to pull myself inside when I saw at the desk a guy I knew from primary school. I asked for his help and he came to my assistance. We would all be traveling together.
   Our train was about to depart and we were running on the old-time platforms among huge trains that were leaving smoke. Everything was grey, blue and black. The platforms were high and crowded.
   We got off at Berlin. I knew because I saw all the famous monuments of this city, gathered together on a square. I saw the victory column and the telecommunications centre and the Branderburg gate.
   Then we were on a boat and the captain was my company's father and also the father of my friend V. who joined the dream, occasionally taking the place of the ten-year-old boy. These two were not very close and although the father was obviously rich, the offspring was rather poor.
   We were sitting on a round table with fer forge chairs with some old-women. At that point I realized I did not have my passport or any other international documentation with me and that I had run out of money. All I had was my old id and knitting needles. I had to go either to the embassy or return back home. I asked where we were and I learned we were in Istanbul. I thought of the Residents and their song. From my point of view there was only one thing to do; try to cross the sea and get back home. I was searching for a boat when my alarm started beeping.  

Sunday, 6 January 2013

boots made of green carpet

I have been sleeping a lot lately, probably because of the cold weather. I open my eyes and promise myself I will stay there just for five more minutes. Next time I open my eyes  a whole hour has gone by and I have dreamt of something new.
I saw I had gone out for a drink with my friend Mi. We went to a crowded, bohemian bar at a suburban area of Athens. We got drunk and started socializing. We continued to the drinkery next door, where I remember standing by the bar, gulping large sips of beer and afterwards we visited another place a bit further down the road that is owned by two friends of mine. There, we got behind the walls and drunk ourselves silly. I was looking for S., one of the co-owners, but could not say his name. I was standing on a wooden staircase, looking at the people through the frame of a torn painting.
The sun had come up and I was in a car. A girl that used to be bold but now had blond hair pulled back was badmouthing P. She was saying that all he does is doodle all day and that he gets paid much more than his work is actually worth. I tried to poke her on the nose while explaining that he works a lot and that she has no idea what she is talking about but I was so drunk I did not have command of my fingers. I swore under my breath and asked them to stop the car. I looked outside and realized I had no idea where I was, so I fell back on my seat and decided not to bother.
P. was at home, sleeping. I woke him up. I had left my purse, with my phone, my id, my passport and a lot of money somewhere the previous night and I wanted to retrieve them. I called from his phone to mine and a warm, manly voice answered from the other side. I explained I had left it there and asked if they were so kind as to tell me how to get it back. The man knew who I was. I was hoping it would be D. but he wasn't. He tried to explain which bar was his. I did not remember the name of the place. He told me I was dancing by the bar and that we had met the previous night and that he would be there until 13:00. It was half past ten. I started making some coffee and tried to rinse the blurriness with cold water. This sobered me up a little. My friend Ma. came over and I narrated my adventures for her. She said she would come along. We got on a bus, sat on the front seat  and then it stopped and I hit my leg on the one in the front because it was like an open carriage. Ma. started screaming at the driver. We changed our seats. Funny people were getting on and everything looked more as if we were in London than in Athens. I saw our destination and pushed the stop button. The nearest stop was  further down. The bus turned and then it stopped near an open market place where grumpy old ladies did their shopping and the street were wet. Ma. was wearing a large pair of cow-print boots. We passed outside shoe-stores and she stole a pair of boots made of green carpet that were hanging on a wall. We got inside the next shoe-store where she changed her old boots for the new ones. They looked very peculiar and I liked them in a perverse way. The purse I was carrying the previous night was also made of green carpet. As we were approaching our destination I woke up. I slept from 1:30 to 10:30 and I still could not open my eyes properly. Furthermore I still had the feeling that, as in my dream, I had not slept for more than 24 hours. Soon I understood this was not true and I got up to make some coffee.            

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I started falling for A.

In my dream I saw that it was my birthday and I had invited a lot of people to my house. I was waiting for them but then only an old acquaintance of mine, G., came over. We sat on the old, blue couch and talked. He even brought me a present. It was not something special, probably something small, that one can find in his own kitchen. I can't remember what it was, though. I think that more people might have come later, but I might as well be thinking of birthdays past.
Then, I had just moved to a small village, with P. and lots of our friends were there too. I met an odd indian girl. Then I was spending time with A., who was really nice to me and for whom I started having feelings. We chatted and watched films together. More people came over and he stayed by me, slightly touching my hand. I kept staring at his girlfriend who was sitting on a chaise-long across the room. she did not seam to care. I grew tired and I wanted to sleep. I decided to go home. The village was full of large, stone-built houses and narrow stone-paved streets. P. and I got to our house and we were about to go in when I heard A's voice. I could not trace its source, so I lay down on the street and looked up. Above me was a rather tall building with its facade covered with a scaffolding. At the top floor I saw A. giggling with somebody. Then they got in a wrapped rag and came down with an improvised lift. Then I saw my new friend from India. She was naked and her yellowish, medium-size breasts looked soft and perfect. A man with similar facial features, but much lighter skin approached her    and raised her thigh. Then he penetrated and she opened her mouth so wide it looked as if her face opened in half. I focused on her scream and when I zoomed out she had just had a baby. A doctor cut the umbilical cord with a mini ax. Subsequently he wrapped the baby in an old sleeveless shirt and gave it to the mother.
I woke up.