Monday, 21 January 2013

Mass suicide

I had this dream of agreeing to commit mass suicide. P.'s visits to the hospital were not for his hurt leg but for chemo-treatments instead. Yet his hair was intact and he seemed to be doing nicely. His parents and sister and her fiancee talked us into killing ourselves. We would all fall from a cliff. We would start by crawling on a protruding tree-trunk and when we got half way across it we would just let go and fall.
The time was coming and I decided I didn't want us to die, so I said so to P.. I told him that his folks  can do as they please but that I thought it would be wrong for us to fall and die. He agreed to live and said that he had to inform his parents for our decision because in this case they might want to live too. I was not so sure if I wanted to provide this sort of information to them.
I also saw that I was trapped in a building, which is a reoccurring theme in my dreams. As always the building was massive and overpopulated but I can't be more specific. My mother might have been there. I don't know.
In another dream I saw I was with P., his sister and her fiancee. They had come for a visit but we were not at our house either. We might have been at a summer resort. They brought us food and wet clothes. I gathered all our food supplies to make plans for the days to come and I saw I had been making a rocket salad everyday for a few days, but it was not eaten, so I kept it and made a new one every new day. We also had raisins, lima beans and other pulses. I spread all of them on a blue metallic table and I accidentally mixed them. I was sitting there by the fiancee, whom I am not particularly fond of, I had hacked into an ATM and I was using it as a television. I had purchased new leggings and they had some unexpected decorations, bellow the foot, and I was chewing them off.  I was wearing them at the time so I had to have my uncle near my mouth. In this posture I was looking at the ATM and occasionally making small talk with him. Despite my negative feelings for our company I was having a good time. Everything was peaceful. Then I was inside, talking to the sister. She was telling me that one day she had become very tired of working in the lab and that her fiancee had picked her up and they got married in a small chapel. I told her it sounded nice and she asked how was it nice, as if she was not impressed by anything. I told her it was kind of romantic.
I opened my eyes and saw that it was time to get up. My old, faithful alarm clock broke and the one I am using now does not have a snooze option, so one can't pledge for five more minutes of sleep. I think that for my name day I'll get me a new alarm clock. I like alarm clocks, as objects, although I am not happy to be waken up. I think alarm clocks look nice.      

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