Sunday, 20 January 2013


"Iamvlichos used to be such a small village, with just ten people at first". I do not know the rest of  the story because I woke up. My bladder was very full and I couldn't trick myself to go back to sleep.
I dreamt of dogs. I was with P.'s sister, who was feeding crisps to them and I was afraid that mine would attack the others to get all the food. I also dreamt that I was going to a summer resort with a scooter that, in order for it to work, the custom was to place a huge rolled banknote on the back of it. When I got there- it might have been Iamvlichos (like the philosopher Iamblichus)-I was all alone. I was wondering what to do with the scooter, until I decided to take back my money since nobody would know or see anything. Later, or right afterwards, I heard the voice of a female news-anchor say the phrase with witch I opened this story.    

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