Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The black Samurai

P., me and an unidentified guest were at our apartment and about to go to sleep when we were attacked by a ninja. He terrorized us and chased us round the house. Then he laid down to sleep on the couch and we took his katana and killed him. He looked more like a medieval samurai than a ninja. He wore black, a big helmet and an armour that was very wide on the shoulders, so as to look gigantic.

The dead samurai was lain there on my couch, with his helmet still on and the sword protruding perpendicular from his chest. We were still in the dark but we thought of checking out the window to see if any of our neighbours had seen something. Strangely, and despite the late hour, everyone was there. The people who live in the apartment right across from ours had a lot of guests in black suits and frocks, who were sitting as if in a theatre balcony but appeared to be looking somewhere further to the left. We leaned outside our balustrade to see if there was something that pulled their attention. At the same time we noticed there were people on the balcony right above who were also attracted by the same spectacle. It was a film projection on the wall of a tall building. It had no special interest for us so we jumped over the porch and climbed to the attached construction.

The guest transformed into I., a dude I was fond of some time ago, and we found ourselves in a vacation house with thick lawn. He pulled a chair and we sat there, side by side. He was talking about something extremely interesting but I have forgotten what it was. I kept thinking I wanted to do him and the tension was building up nicely. And then I woke up.   

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