Sunday, 6 January 2013

boots made of green carpet

I have been sleeping a lot lately, probably because of the cold weather. I open my eyes and promise myself I will stay there just for five more minutes. Next time I open my eyes  a whole hour has gone by and I have dreamt of something new.
I saw I had gone out for a drink with my friend Mi. We went to a crowded, bohemian bar at a suburban area of Athens. We got drunk and started socializing. We continued to the drinkery next door, where I remember standing by the bar, gulping large sips of beer and afterwards we visited another place a bit further down the road that is owned by two friends of mine. There, we got behind the walls and drunk ourselves silly. I was looking for S., one of the co-owners, but could not say his name. I was standing on a wooden staircase, looking at the people through the frame of a torn painting.
The sun had come up and I was in a car. A girl that used to be bold but now had blond hair pulled back was badmouthing P. She was saying that all he does is doodle all day and that he gets paid much more than his work is actually worth. I tried to poke her on the nose while explaining that he works a lot and that she has no idea what she is talking about but I was so drunk I did not have command of my fingers. I swore under my breath and asked them to stop the car. I looked outside and realized I had no idea where I was, so I fell back on my seat and decided not to bother.
P. was at home, sleeping. I woke him up. I had left my purse, with my phone, my id, my passport and a lot of money somewhere the previous night and I wanted to retrieve them. I called from his phone to mine and a warm, manly voice answered from the other side. I explained I had left it there and asked if they were so kind as to tell me how to get it back. The man knew who I was. I was hoping it would be D. but he wasn't. He tried to explain which bar was his. I did not remember the name of the place. He told me I was dancing by the bar and that we had met the previous night and that he would be there until 13:00. It was half past ten. I started making some coffee and tried to rinse the blurriness with cold water. This sobered me up a little. My friend Ma. came over and I narrated my adventures for her. She said she would come along. We got on a bus, sat on the front seat  and then it stopped and I hit my leg on the one in the front because it was like an open carriage. Ma. started screaming at the driver. We changed our seats. Funny people were getting on and everything looked more as if we were in London than in Athens. I saw our destination and pushed the stop button. The nearest stop was  further down. The bus turned and then it stopped near an open market place where grumpy old ladies did their shopping and the street were wet. Ma. was wearing a large pair of cow-print boots. We passed outside shoe-stores and she stole a pair of boots made of green carpet that were hanging on a wall. We got inside the next shoe-store where she changed her old boots for the new ones. They looked very peculiar and I liked them in a perverse way. The purse I was carrying the previous night was also made of green carpet. As we were approaching our destination I woke up. I slept from 1:30 to 10:30 and I still could not open my eyes properly. Furthermore I still had the feeling that, as in my dream, I had not slept for more than 24 hours. Soon I understood this was not true and I got up to make some coffee.            

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