Friday, 25 January 2013

K., P. & S.

I dreamt I was staying with K. and his new girlfriend for a few days. I haven't met her but, in my dream, she was very nice. I cooked for them and we had a meal on the porch. We made a lot of jokes and we laughed a lot. Then we took the plates to the sink and they went to their room. Later we were walking at a pier and P. was there too. P. and K. were wearing the same outfit. I think it consisted of a t-shirt, a cardigan and- that I remember clearly- checked trousers in shades of pink. The girl was wearing something matching and I knew I had the very same clothes in my closet. I thought it was a fortunate coincidence that I had not put them on this day because we would look absolutely ridiculous. I remembered that I had seen P.'s parents dressed exactly like this. I made fun of them for looking so similar. K.'s new girl mentioned that the sex they had on Sunday was better that on Saturday.
Next I saw that some of P.'s friends, from P., had visited us. We gathered in an old storage place to smoke. It was a dimly lit room with an old sofa in the middle and closed boxes on the walls. Somebody asked if K. had been a god boyfriend to me and if there was anything that I might want to let the new girl know. I said that people's behavior varies according to their mates. I went out and when I came back in the company had changed. New people had arrived and others were gone. It was my turn to smoke so I stood next to the person holding the cigarette. He turned and I saw it was S.. I reached out but he bypassed me and gave it to a fatso that was sitting on the couch. I protested and we straggled a little. Eventually he gave it to me and we started chatting. He was trying to kiss me but I avoided his mouth because I thought P. was there. He was there indeed, on the couch, but he was not looking towards us. S. asked me what would I do if he tied me up, threw me on the floor and screw my brains out, as the rumor has it. I tried to be discreet and tell him that this was neither the time nor the place and that we should meet another time so that he can keep this promise. Unfortunately, just then I woke up. :(  

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