Thursday, 17 January 2013


In the the summer I find it quite easy to wake up at the break of dawn. In the winter, on the other hand, it feels almost like a sacrilege to leave my warm slumber before the sun has come up. Today, I had to get up while it was still dark outside. As I was searching for clothes, in my closet, in the dark, I thought I got a "smell" that reminded me of my life before I finished school, and I wondered if it is a characteristic winter morning smell, or if the process triggered the memory of it.
As far as dreams are concerned, things were not very exciting.
I remember talking to people and organizing something like a festive play for our work environment. We were at a garage and for some reason I was pissed off. On my way out my path was blocked by  a car that parked in front of me. I started yelling at the driver to move back a little so that I can pass but instead he got off. I became very angry and I threatened to make a dent on his car with a small tin of paint I found near by. He challenged me to realize my threat and I did. I made the hood of his car cave in. He asked why I didn't do the same on the side as well, so I marked his door too. Then I went to work. Although it was an office it looked a lot like a shopping mall from the 80s. I took the escalator and got to the door. Nobody was there, the lights were out and there was a note on the door to inform employees that we would be working part-time from now on. More girls arrived  and gathered behind me. We were looking at the note wandering what was going on and why had we not been previously informed.  As if updating us on our work status with a single note was not enough, it was written on an ugly, blue, girly memo pad, with comic sans, which is one of the ugliest fonts. Apparently, a girl called "Aeroneke" had left it for us. I woke up thinking of this name. I don't think it exists. Perhaps I'll dream of more interesting things tomorrow.     

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