Friday, 11 January 2013

M. and a dress

I dreamt of my friend M. I cannot recall the beginning of the dream but I remember leaving a place with a lot of young people, like a squat or a residency, and visiting a vacant building across the street. There, on the back of the house she had moved her bed. She had created a warm, secluded space, behind an old wooden closet. There was her bed covered in colorful quilts and once we got there, her cat came out to greet me. Then, from under the quilt came a big black friendly dog. I did not know she had it because I always thought of her as a cat person. We were talking about her knew abode when we heard voices of people that wanted to see that house as prospective buyers. This is as far as this story went.
I also dreamt I was with my sister. We were at an older relative's house and I wanted to masturbate, so, when no one was watching I stuffed something down there. As I was about to start people came in the room and I had to stop. There was on old wooden closet in this dream too. I took some colorful pieces of fabric from there. They were supposed to be from an old-fashioned summer dress. I searched and found the rest of it. I thought it would be cut in small rugs but it was all right. Apparently they had just made it smaller. I put it on and, although the size was right it made me look very chubby and full of curves. I did not especially like that but the pattern on the fabric was awesome. It was in bright red, combined with a nice shade of blue and other colours in smaller quantities. The pattern was organic and it matched perfectly the shape of the dress. This is as much as I remember from this dream. Pretty inconclusive, ain't it? That's the thing with dreams.     

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