Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cabin in the woods

Looking to the west from my balcony, the sky is in the color of lead. This strikes me as odd because at 8 o'clock, when I opened my eyes, through the curtains, I though I witnessed one of the brightest yellow dawns.

I dreamt of P.. We had gone for vacation to his home town and his aunt gave us the keys to a cabin they had in the woods. We got there and I decided to take a bath. The bathroom had a specific old-times atmosphere. It was a cubic room with a medium size bathtub. Its shape was rectangular with rounded edges and it might have had a blue line running near the edge, although this could also be the design of the wall. The dominant colors were an old-school light blue and a light but warm yellow. Everything that was white once had faded to the color of sugar.
I was taking a shower. The level of the water was rising in the bathtub although I had not plugged it. Then, quite abruptly, it all went down the drain but instead of going wherever bath-water goes to rest, it flooded the floor. I thought that there is a blockage in the pipes and called for P. .I saw the water almost reaching the door but, fortunately, it was approximately 30cm above the level of the ground. He came to me and then, between the bathtub and the corridor where P.was standing,  the ground became deeper  and filled with water. P. said there was nothing he could do and we leaned towards each other above the pool that just formed and we kissed.
Afterwards we were outside. The landscape was nice and serene, with thick but low vegetation in the darker shades of green. His aunt came over to pick us up because his father was looking for us. He had become so mad with our absence that he had intentionally fallen ill and refused to be treated in a hospital. P. got into his aunt's car and I went inside to make our suitcases and lock the doors, so that could leave. I realized I had too many suitcases with me and I kept finding more clothes, some used and  some freshly washed and dried. It took me longer than I expected and by the time I had collected everything I was carrying more that I hoped for. Then I started locking things. I realized I had a lot of keys and along the way I found padlocks. I was about to lock the kitchen cupboard, that was made out of rough wood, painted blue and obviously worn out, when an old man, some old relative, showed up. As I was trying to explain who I was and what I was doing there, without stopping fixing the locks, P. and his aunt came over to see what was taking me so long. D. shoed up and informed us that a new dog had killed their cat.
We got in the car and I.was there too.
I woke up and stayed in the bed for a little longer. When I decided I had to get up I had the phrase "the scariest part was that the driver was freaked out". Apart from the knowledge that it referred to a school bus I can gather nothing else about its origin.
Outside it's pouring. I like this sort of days.          

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