Thursday, 10 January 2013


Thursday, January ten, 2013, 7:27 in the morning. Temperature outside: 2 Celsius degrees. The Sun has not risen completely yet.

I dreamt of S. . First I saw I had gone out with P. and some people from his work and somebody that looked a lot like S. was with them. He reached for my hand and held it. It was very nice. I felt excited and hopeful, all those feelings generated by a new flirt. I liked the touch of his skin and his temperature.  I think some people noticed but nobody mentioned anything. We were sitting on a table, outside because the weather was warm. It was an easy-going summer night.

Next, I dreamt I was at my sister's and her friends were there. We would go out and I was waiting for them to get ready. They showed up with food in their hands. I became angry because I, too,  was hungry and did not want to wait for them to eat first. P. was there. I took him by the hand and we left.
We went to a bar. I had left a large jar of mandarin tea at a corner and I squeezed through some people to get it. A girl talked to me and I smiled at her.

Then I dreamt of S. again. I was at my hometown, at my uncle's second oldest shop and he was there too. We got on a couple of scooters. S. was going in the front one, behind D., and I was alone, following them in the back. He turned and looked at me and I pretended to whistle. We stopped at another cafeteria near by. He came near. I smiled at him and told him I had to go back to get something. He said they would wait for me. I tried to be really sweet. It was easy to smile when staring into his eyes.

The bloody alarm went off. After a quick argument with myself I got up. I have to go now. The temperature has fallen by 1 degree. I just hope I don't have to do this again any time soon.         

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