Tuesday, 29 January 2013

we did not get to the carnival

I was with my friend M. in my dream. I had visited her at her house where she lived with her brother and her father. We were sitting and smoking in the balcony. I had to go inside and when I was returning to the porch I saw I was not wearing something from the waist up so I put on my purple coat and moved towards the door. The brother interrupted my course and I was annoyed because this meant I would have to talk to the father and I did not want to do this. The brother told me that the father had said that he owed me something he actually owed to my parents from a long time ago. I replied that it had been so long that it no longer mattered. Two friends of M. came over and we decided to go see the carnival parade because it was night time already. Then we were walking on the street among other people and fires were burning in barrels at the pavement. I was talking to one of the new girls while we were holding hands. She mentioned something about sister Berta( a nurse from a book I am currently reading). I woke up.

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