Sunday, 13 January 2013

too little info and sense

I saw I was at a party. I had just started going out with a very tall dude and he was there too. I was sitting at a table next to V., M's old boyfriend and brother of my old friend N. He was very nice to me and we talked a lot. On the next day when I met my boyfriend he told me that we were over. At that point another girl was there who was also a member of this relationship. We said simultaneously "No, why? Stop!" and tried to hug him. Then she disappeared and I was left alone with him. He told me I had been too flirtatious and that he would not tolerate this behaviour. On the one hand, I liked being with him, on the other the thing he said sounded like absolute bullshit, so I let him go. After all, I had met a lot of people the previous night that were really nice to me.

Then I was with P. at his house with his sister and his cousin. We would go to the sea and I did not have a swimsuit. P.'s sister told me she had one for me and one for D. .We put them on and D.'s was  too small and mine too large, although in reality I have bigger boobies than her. I thought of asking her to exchange but people were just moving around too fast and I could not get the time.

I woke up. I had tried to wake up early, at 8 o'clock I had opened my eyes and checked the time to be precise. I thought of staying there, under the warm covers just for a couple of minutes but I fell asleep again and got up at half past nine. Winter makes waking up hard, and my dreams were not that exciting either. Perhaps I should go back to bed but I won't.     

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