Saturday, 5 January 2013

I started falling for A.

In my dream I saw that it was my birthday and I had invited a lot of people to my house. I was waiting for them but then only an old acquaintance of mine, G., came over. We sat on the old, blue couch and talked. He even brought me a present. It was not something special, probably something small, that one can find in his own kitchen. I can't remember what it was, though. I think that more people might have come later, but I might as well be thinking of birthdays past.
Then, I had just moved to a small village, with P. and lots of our friends were there too. I met an odd indian girl. Then I was spending time with A., who was really nice to me and for whom I started having feelings. We chatted and watched films together. More people came over and he stayed by me, slightly touching my hand. I kept staring at his girlfriend who was sitting on a chaise-long across the room. she did not seam to care. I grew tired and I wanted to sleep. I decided to go home. The village was full of large, stone-built houses and narrow stone-paved streets. P. and I got to our house and we were about to go in when I heard A's voice. I could not trace its source, so I lay down on the street and looked up. Above me was a rather tall building with its facade covered with a scaffolding. At the top floor I saw A. giggling with somebody. Then they got in a wrapped rag and came down with an improvised lift. Then I saw my new friend from India. She was naked and her yellowish, medium-size breasts looked soft and perfect. A man with similar facial features, but much lighter skin approached her    and raised her thigh. Then he penetrated and she opened her mouth so wide it looked as if her face opened in half. I focused on her scream and when I zoomed out she had just had a baby. A doctor cut the umbilical cord with a mini ax. Subsequently he wrapped the baby in an old sleeveless shirt and gave it to the mother.
I woke up. 

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