Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hallowed Grounds

We were house hunting. I was with my sister's flat-mate. We visited a flat I was not particularly interested in but she said she really liked it so I agreed to move in there. It was a cheap and spacious apartment with oddly shaped rooms. The design was labyrinthine and, occasionally, there were protruding parts of the walls. It was gloomy and sort of miserable but I did not want to disagree.

We booked it and started cleaning it so as to move in as soon as possible. I went to the basement and discovered that the building was built on desecrated grounds. I run back to my flat-mate to be and I told her that we had to leave this place before dusk. I pulled her by her hand and led her to a window with a view at the rear side of the building and showed her a cemetery. Then we run to the other side and I showed her that the cemetery continued and that, thus, it was interrupted by the building that was apparently built on it. Subsequently we run to the basement and we opened a small wooden door that led us to the ground under the construction and there, too, were tombstones.

We decided to sanctify the flat. I was searching for the ingredients to make a potion and then I was looking among glass vials and tin boxes for the right container. The girl that was with me climbed in a built-in cupboard and started the process.  I stayed downstairs to watch over her. Then the ghost of a frail, young knight attacked me. He had a long dagger but I disarmed him easily and pined him to the ground. I run his blade through his flesh multiple times. It did not have any resistance and felt as if I was stabbing water. When I made sure he felt defeated I let him get up. He had a hurt look on his face. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me by the ribs and I woke up by the cry I let.

I fell asleep again and I saw that what had grabbed me was the hand of a friendly giant. We were in an underground passage by some water and he was making tricks and dancing, taking advantage of his height and the elasticity of his body. He wore tight, black overalls and made somersaults in the water. My dog woke me up for good this time.

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