Thursday, 24 May 2012


I dreamt that I was with my looser friend J. and he had learnt how to make piercings. Somehow he convinced me to get a couple. One was above my belly button (right above it and not on it as it usually is) and the other was on my spine, waist-high. We were in something that looked like a square opening in  the middle of a forest. It was made of concrete and it had a lamp-post at one corner. Then it was no longer me and I saw this couple there from up above. They were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and then they decided to have a friendly fuck. I saw the girl lower her black panties and grab the lamp-post.

Then it was me with the piercings but as I looked down at the one on my belly I saw I was a man. I did not see a penis but it was a mans body I was looking at. I was among friends and I was explaining that my piercings are of a kind you can have when pregnant. Then I asked one of them to tell me what the one on my waist  looked like. He tried holding a mirror up for me to see but the image was too vague. He said it was big and then I realized that it was not a single stud as I had initially imagined but that that it was one of these huge studs trapped in two small rings. I got nervous and I wondered how I was going to sleep with this thing on my back.

I woke up and spent at least a couple more hours feeling that I was getting in and out of this dream. Eventually I decided that I had to really wake up and not just pretend that I would push the snooze button just one more time. I am pretty sure now that seven hours of sleep in a foggy spring day are by no means enough.

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