Saturday, 5 May 2012

Going up-stairs with nurse with wound

The set was dark and ominous. My sister and me were in a house. We had just returned from a party and my sister had become friends with a girl that lived right above us. I can no longer recall how but I got separated from my boyfriend and our dog. I stayed there for a little while, waiting for them but then I got worried and got out to find them. I walked around the block, asking people if they had seen a guy with a medium sized black dog.
It was very dark, as if the light sources were limited and all the buildings looked eerie and unstable. Somehow i spotted the dog and run towards her. I started cuddling and kissing her, not paying attention to anything else. Then I  saw she was with my previous boyfriend and I felt alarmed. I had to find P. I decided to go back to the establishment where the party had taken place.
It was very dark at that point. I also thought that somebody had given me drugs and I felt rather uncertain about my self. I knew I had to climb up some very steep stairs without protective balustrade. I fell on all fours and started searching my footing with my  hands and crawled higher and higher. On my right I could feel the wall but on my left I could only see vague shadows of branches and nothing more. At some point I felt that I was pushing too much towards the wall and it was as if it was subsiding and the unattached staircase would hang on its own in mid-air. I remember clearly that I was listening to a song by  Nurse With Wound, that made the over-all experience even more crepuscular.
I finally reached the top and moved towards a door through which light was coming. There I saw my sister's new acquired friend undressing in her room. She was a full girl in stockings and garter-belt. I asked her if I could pass through her house to get to the other side.
She had just let me do that when P.woke me up.

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