Monday, 21 May 2012


Apparently I had found a job at the same place where It was a children's magazine and I would make up-cycled toys. I was provided with a desk and when I arrived  I was the only one in the room. Soon other people came over and I felt strangely unwanted. There was a guy with a puppet. It was his job to maintain it clean and good-looking. It had a tear and hi stripped it from its clothes and I saw how it was made. It had a stiff round pillow for a head and a prolonged one for its body. The care-taker put it on a machine that coiled yarn around the pillows to improve their shape. I was very interested in that. Then I met P. in the corridor and subsequently I went back to my desk. Two girls and a guy had arrived and they had left their stuff on my chair and my bag was thrown on the floor at the corner behind them. I saw that some of my things had fallen on the floor and I bitched about it. A goth -girl gave me a fake apology. I did not know what to do as nobody had given me a brief, so I went to find P. again to ask why was everyone so rude to me.
I can't remember what took place in-between but then the office had closed but I was still there and I saw a murder. One of the guys I had met earlier had slaughtered another one. He killed him and then put him in his bed, that was there, where his desk had been. I hid behind a big, blue, chair like the one in my kitchen. I saw the killer coming towards me. He was a tall, dark-haired man with broad shoulders. He did not see me.
I did not want to tell anyone because I was afraid of him. Eventually I decided to mention the incident to P. He said it was my imagination but the corpse was still there, hidden under grey or blue heavy blankets with a limp arm hanging outside of the bed. I was expecting somebody to observe his absence and then I had to be very cautious so as not to get involved in the investigation. I kept thinking that the murderer would come after me even if he went to prison for some time.
I woke up and then went back to sleep. I slept for almost ten hours, partly because I needed it and partly out of cowardice, trying to avoid the daily choirs.    

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