Sunday, 29 January 2012


I dreamt I was back in the University and that I was staying at the dormitory. I was at a road, up a mountain, that connecting these two places. I think I was with my friend V. It was more a path than a road but still wide and bland enough for a car to pass through. Left and right of this red and brown earthen path were tall, lean trees. There were many groups of people walking like us but none of us seemed to know exactly where we were going. It was more as if we were told how to get there and the basic instruction was "follow the path in the woods". Everything was going smoothly when suddenly the path separated in two, at some distance from where we were at the time. It was quite graphic because of the artificiality of the whole picture. The two new paths lead towards totally different directions and they couldn't possibly end at the same place. The growth of trees that was in the middle also looked bogus, but in a "nature's-tricks" sort of way. What I mean is that the road split in two, rather abruptly, by a gradually increasing cluster of tall and thin trees, that formed a weird angle that reminded me of bottles set for bowling. At the edge there was one tree followed by two, then three, then four, then a thick forest.

(continuing from the draft, some days later, I can't remember much)We chose to take the path on the left. We met a chubby fellow that accompanied us. Somehow I pitied him because he gave me the impression that he didn't have that many friends to talk to. -Memory gap- I was outside the dormitory about to go back to the university. I was standing by a tall concrete wall. The sea was somewhere near. I found a big roll of money on the floor, I picked it up rapidly and stuffed it in my pocket.

I can recall no more!

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