Tuesday, 5 February 2013


My dream was awesome. I saw that P. and I had gained superpowers after some incidents. I don't remember what sort of powers they were, although I know they were connected with the possession of an object. Some people that were like vampires were after us and we were traveling from city to city. We visited a rural town where we stayed at the house of some old relatives. They had an odd little son. So little as to fit into one's palm. Everyone had gone to a christening and they left us alone with the child. P.was standing next to him and I went near. There were flowers and behind us there was one of these old furniture people have to show their brick-a-brack on them. The child pretended to meditate and when we were not looking he moved in big paces among these old knick-knacks. I lifted him and put him closer to us but he did the same.
Then we left this place and were in a corn-field. Somehow we got separated and I was lured by the vampires at their place. I think that at that point my ability was to change faces. I was a man but they knew who I was and the super-villain asked one of his men to catch me and turn me into a vampire too. I saw the creature's canine teeth grow. They were ugly  but not pointy. I thought that his bite must hurt a lot. I managed to escape by a last face-swap and I run to meet P. again. He was at a hospital and had our magical object with him. At some point I saw that we were sitting in a dimly lit hospital bed and we had merged. I had been cut in half and my bum was missing but we could transform into one person, although P. was intact. Our nurse came over and told us we had a visitor. During my last face-swap I had brought a man with me  who was now leaving from a basement knowing he was our enemy but too dazed to catch us. Then the super-villain came into our room. He had something ours and a black extension cord he plugged into his mouth. He was a very tall man, with broad shoulders and short hair. He had charged himself enough to do great damage. P. asked me to save whatever it was we had that made us special. I took it and run.
I found a door with a very big golden knob. Behind it there was another door, more regularly shaped that led to the garden. I crawled on the floor and spotted a creature. I captured it and saw it was a bird that was very small and fat. Usually, when you catch a bird it feels very small and fragile but the one I found was so fat I could not feel its skeleton. Its belly was featherless and gray. It had great, big eyes and its colours varied from red to yellow with a warm orange as the dominant one. I knew I had to keep it.
I was walking on the streets with my bird in my hand and my hospital clothes. It was like a touristic yet nice district without traffic and swerving roads. I thought I saw P.. It was indeed him and we went to a shop where we met more people like us who told me we were all being persecuted and we would have to get to a sort of colony.
Then I was at a crowded crossroads  and I might have been with my sister. The bad guys were after us but there were so many people around they could not really harm us. We had to catch the bus 115. We were approaching a station of double decker buses. We were in a hurry to catch it before the villains got to us. We crossed a road and they were left behind because a bus passed in front of them. Eventually we got on and although it was not the 115 it proved to be the right one. Lots of odd people were in it. I saw a familiar old lady with a strange yellow animal that resembled to a cat. The bus was very narrow and in the upper floor there was only one row of seats in each isle. All the seats faced toward the centre. I took one. Apparently we were all fugitives and not well aware of one another. Another old lady asked me about the existence of some unexpected creature. The bus started and I woke up.   

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