Thursday, 21 February 2013


I was at a house that resembled my mother's and I was about to leave when we heard loud voices from the outside and the gangsters crushed in. I was exactly by the door so I stuck to the wall and hoped that they wouldn't notice me. The last man that came in saw me. I looked at his face and averted my eyes instantly because I thought that if I don't see his face, none of their faces, they might let me go since I will not be a threat. I whispered "can I go?". He said that even if he allowed me there were more thugs outside guarding the place. I peeped and saw that there were, indeed, two more punks watching over the front door. The gangsters bullied us. The head of the clan looked like a young Al Pacino. He brought his face really close to mine to scare me. I made eye contact only for a second and then pleaded again "Can I go?". I have a small gap there but then, I had left this place and I was walking on a busy street and it was nighttime. I was trying to get as far as possible. A car pulled towards me and the driver was S., a dude I fancied some ten years ago. He was not very tall but with very broad shoulders, dark eyes and sideburns. I got into his car and we made out.
Later I was at a dingy bar when he called me. He asked if I was at home and sounded astounded when I informed him about my whereabouts. He said he was at the gym and that he would be late. I was cool because I did not really want a relationship with the guy, snuggling with him was enough, but he had insisted. I saw his car parking outside the window. I leaned forward and saw him. We were still on the phone so I asked if he was outside. He came in with a female friend of his. I asked him why he lied and explained I did not care for a commitment. We parted.
Then I was at a stadium but I am not sure if there would be a music festival or a sports event. I met some acquaintances of mine and they told me that S. would be there too. I decided to avoid him because I was a little hurt, not because he left me, but because he had been lying to me. Everyone went inside, cheering, and I was left outside, alone. I walked and found myself again near the house with the gangsters.
I think I also remember something about cooking, but the rest got lost while preparing coffee and getting dressed.     

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