Saturday, 9 March 2013

The sex slappers

I saw that my previous boyfriend was in town, but then again, I must have been in his because he was about to go home. There was some issue with his folks and he asked if I would like to go there for supper. I felt a wave of nostalgia in the sound of this but declined the offer. Although I am sure this is the first part of the dream that I can remember, the order of the rest of the stories is mixed up.
I remember a station. I was there with my dog I. .I had a lot of bags and backpacks with me. In the waiting room, with us, was an old pikey with black curly hair. He kept coming towards me and I thought he wanted to mug me so I told him that the dog bites. He continued moving dangerously close to us and I had to pull I.'s lease so that she would not realize my earlier threat. At some point he told me that there was no reason for me to be afraid because he was not a thief. I believed him and felt bad so I apologized warmly. After a while he started following me again so I had to tell him once more that he should keep his distance for his own good if he didn't want the dog to bite his hand.
What felt odd about this dream is that whenever I thought of something I got such a clear mental image of it as if it was part of the dream's reality. It happened on this occasion, when I saw the gypsy's bitten hand bleeding and at the beginning of the narrative when I imagined myself at the boy's house with his parents, in the living room, just before supper would be served.
I got home and I would sleep on a large bunker bed that was too high and in order to get there I had to climb a steep ladder. When I got to the top I had to grab the bed and jump on it because the distance was too great for my short feet. I got on easily after a couple of rehearsals. The ladder was new. My mom had it made by our neighbor who is a carpenter and she had asked for more stairs but he had made it just like the previous, inconvenient one. When I tried to get up there with all my baggage I realized it was impossible. I got off and sat on the toilet. P.was there and his cousin D. among other people. I pooped, right there, in front of everybody. I turned and flushed. Nobody cared. P. started taking a shower and I wanted to wash my hair. People started leaving the room.
I think that then, there was an interval in the story about washing.
I was at another room in this house where a performance would take place. There was a group of young people who called themselves "slappers" or something of this sort. They gathered on a bench and started slapping themselves and each other. Then they climbed on each other and started humping. There were a lot of viewers but once the spectacle became voyeuristic they started leaving the room. A lean couple kept some distance but stayed there. The woman made gargling sounds as if she would be sick and then she excused herself. I could hear the orgy taking place but was prevented from staring directly.
I returned to the first room and I could hear people talking, although I was alone in there. I went to the attached bathroom, that was D.'s and started washing my hair. I was sitting there, observing my breasts and pelvis. Then I checked the cabinet behind the mirror and found the electric board. It was shaped like a book and you could turn the pages. Buttons and writing were all jumbled. In one of the first pages I found the switch for the boiler.
When I returned to the room with the beds I found people. Somebody was rolling a spliff and I decided to stay. I woke up.           

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