Thursday, 28 March 2013

The pool

  I dreamt of a pool. I had been taken there and I was with other people, none of whom was my friend apart from Mi. We jumped into the pool but the cover was still on and thus we remained on the surface. I thought of going under but that would increase my chances of drowning. An old man managed to remove the covers from their positions and somebody took them away. Then, each of us was provided with a basket-ball, a tennis ball and some other gymnastics-related objects. I did not think that playing with all these objects would be particularly interesting and I just swam. I have never been in a pool and I was observing the density of the water. Swimming proved easier than I expected and I went to the deeper side, where I  held the railing and chilled for a little.
   Next, we were asked to get out and collect the toys and our personal belongings. Some people had left things behind and I could not find mine. I also had to carry two laptops and I was wondering if my bag was waterproof and if I could swim to the other end of the pool. I put everything in one of these cage-like baskets on wheels that are used to carry groceries and walked.
   I got to the entrance of the building where the instructor was collecting the things we were bestowed with. I gave her mine but they had all shrunk in size, so that the basket-ball looked like a tennis ball. She made fun of me and then Mi. and I decided to go out for dinner.
   The restaurant was in the same building. Mi. had made reservations for her and her father but he came over just for five minutes and she offered me his place. The table was peculiar. It had a sort of built-in roof, decorated with real flowers. The food was a huge piece of lamb. I said that I don't usually eat lamb but I would try it. It was not bad but it had a lot of fat and it took me a quite some time to prepare a fat-free bite. We talked and laughed and I pecked with my fork on her nose. Her skin split but no blood came out because it was cooked. I apologized for destroying the shape of her nose. A waitress came to our table and informed us that we were the last customers and that they would turn off the rest of the lights. I looked around and indeed the place was empty and dark apart from our table, that created the impression that it was the only one in an immense, dark room.
   We decided to go out for drinks and I knew exactly where we were going because I had been there in another dream. Before we went there, though, we would go to her house.
   Her father and grand-parents were there, but they were not hers but some people that reminded me of relatives of P. . From the basement I kept hearing the sound of dripping water. I went downstairs and saw that the ceiling was supporting an elaborate system of pipes and faucets, one of which was leaking right on a light-bulb. I went back upstairs and explained the situation. They said that the construction was financed by a stringy relative of theirs and that it was rapidly falling apart.
   I must have woken up at that point.      

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