Friday, 29 March 2013

traveling back in time

  In this dream I had gone on vacation at some isolated village where I found a friend. He was a man I met a year ago and although I thought he was flirting with me I was told he was not interested in women. He was very polite and a charming fellow. He was exactly like that in the dream too, although what led us to being together is vague. I remember walking with him and visiting sights. The village was very rich and well taken care off and I sort of stuck out. Then I met another man, whom I liked less but he took me to a jewelry shop where he bought me a ring.
  It was night time and we gathered at a bistro and sat outside on the square. Both men were there. I had my eyes on the first man and wanted to get rid of the second. The first man kept staring at me and I back at him but the other fellow did not seem to grasp the situation.
  I returned home with the first man that hagged me and I sat on him on a chair. I told him the story of the second man and the ring and he said he would get me out of it. It was very nice being with him and I was wondering why had my friend M. told me that he would not be interested in me. I followed him at an opening in the forest where the villagers had set a theatre. They all acted and the villagers form the neighbouring village had come over. There was a conflict between the two villages and they stood facing each other ready for a fight.
  Then I travelled back in time and got to the beginning of the dream. I met the guy I liked and tried to explain the situation to him. I was aware that the moment of my departure, so as to travel back in time, was further in the future than the last moment I remembered staying in the village and I was wondering how and why it had happened and if it had to do with our relationship. I woke up

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