Wednesday, 27 March 2013


   I dreamt that I was at my hometown and I had just woken up. I left the house and got to the end of the block where I found a shop that sold children's clothes. It was plain and old-timish. I noticed they had a special offer on Indian silks and I chose a skirt and two blouses. I took these to the cashier to ask how much they cost. There was an old man that was the shop-owner, a younger woman who was his daughter and  two clients. They told me that the clothes I had chosen were originally very expensive but at a bargain price now, although they could not say how much exactly because their son and brother, accordingly, knew about this. I told them I did not have any money on me either but that I was a neighbour and that I would return. The man left and I stayed with the girl that was showing me clothes. I saw a skirt  that was supposed to be the same as one I wore as a teenager and then I saw a blouse too. It used to be my favourite but I gave it to my mother. I explained that I have a sister and sometimes her, our mother and me, exchange clothes. I also told her I was a pilot. I was not but I was getting ready to pass some exams that were related to this profession. We walked between the rows of hanging clothes and got back to the door. There was a new desk, an old, long secretariat, dressed with an old, baroque fabric, where the old man sat and kept notes.
   I went back home where I realized it was very early in the morning, around seven, and I wondered about three things; I wondered why I had gotten up so early, why was the shop open and why had it been so busy. I thought that things for businesses, as well as churches and parks, should be very slow at this hour.
   I had to poop and got into a lift. I was carrying a large back pack which made things more difficult. As I was about to lower my trousers I reached the bottom floor and through the wobbly glass I saw a woman. I pushed the button to go back up before she opened the door and although I was still alone in there I decided to abort the mission.
  I returned home where I found the son and the daughter from the shop. The boy had come to show me some clothes and the girl had come because she wanted to meet my brother. This character was very vague. Sometimes he was P. and other times he was undefined. I was very sleepy but I had to study for the exam. I was lying under a sleeping bag on the couch and my eyes were shutting.
   Then I was at the bedroom. I had to get dressed to go to school because it was almost nine. In the other room, through the door's wobbly glass I saw that the girl from the shop had curled up inside my brother's bed and was waiting for him. I wanted to look at my back in the mirror and I closed the curtain. It was dark outside at that point. I thought that people could probably see through the curtain as I could see a neighbour that had just got out of bed and was putting on her brasier. I took off my pyjamas and found out I could also remove the lower half of my body. I observed my anus and genitalia and thought of pleasuring myself. I wondered if I would feel it if it was not connected to the part of the body where the head was. My anus started protruding and it grew teeth. I tried to finger my self but my vagina was too tight. I could feel it though. I decided it was getting very late and that I hadn't studied enough. As a matter of fact I remembered nothing. I woke up.


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