Saturday, 27 November 2010

I lost my ninja toys

I was with P and then I was on my own going towards his sister's house. I was walking on a wide road in Athens. I did not know the district I was in, apart from my route and I was afraid I would get lost if I took a wrong turn. I remember been in that road twice. Once I managed to get safely to my destination, the other time I was followed by a tall and thin dodgy man, as I was walking under a gallery. I tried to walk faster so as to avoid him but he was keeping up with my pace. Subsequently, I tried to see if this was only a fake impression I had. I slowed down and the guy passed by me pushing me slightly and mumbling something about people walking too slow. I continued walking. He got into a store that looked like a ticket office. He yelled something vulgar as I was passing by.
I got into the apartment and the sister was there with two other friends of ours. I had given the sister a small bag with beads to make something for herself. She didn't want them though and had given them to another girl. I got irritated because I found out that I accidentally put in the bag some very small ninja toys I have and I wanted them back, but the girl had used them and would not give them to me. I was further annoyed because I kept finding more and more beads I really liked and did not like at all their new owner. It seamed like cheating.
I disputed for a while with them but nothing came out.
I also dreamt of a vintage furniture store a guy I know opened at another town and haven't visited yet. It was around the corner from the road I was talking about.
This was all.

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