Sunday, 31 October 2010

short hair and a blocked nose

I dreamt that my worst previous roommate had given me a haircut. I've had my hair very short since 2002 and I have been letting them grow lately, so I got disturbed when I looked at the mirror and saw that instead of cutting my hair just a couple of centimeters, as demanded, she had cut them really short, almost military short.
I also saw that I was trying to blow my nose- it seams that I have caught the expected autumn cold- and I could not empty my left nostril. No matter how much I tried nothing would come out and no air would go through. Then I started thinking of a commercial advertisement for a nasal spray that looked like one I saw during the previous days for abdominal bloating, with a small 3-d fireman that put out a guys internal fire. I saw the small creatures inside a nose scraping off dried mucus.

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