Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I was working until half past four last night. My dog woke me up at ten. I cuddled her and followed her to the living room where I saw a turd lying behind the front door. Two more were waiting for me on the balcony. I scolded her and started cleaning.
I can only remember splinters of my dream. It had to do with vampires and a film production. I also remember somebody complaining that he couldn't afford to loose such a job.
Most days either the dog wakes me up or is the first thing I see when I wake up. Yesterday just before I woke up I was dreaming of an acquaintance of mine. He was supposed to be standing in front of me when, suddenly, he was taken over by something and started transforming. He became prolonged and his eyes were luminous. He also made a weird cry. I saw the dog barking at him. I don't know if she was actually barking at me to wake up or if she was just standing there and I dreamt of the barking.
Once I saw that she was completely green.

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