Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Adult readers only

I dreamt I had taken my dog out for a walk without a lead when she suddenly turned into a woman in a salmon color satin dress. She went through an underground passage and up some stairs into a subway station. I was calling her name and asking her to wait for me because she doesn't know yet how to walk on the street on her own without a lead. She was not paying any attention to me and I was running after her barefoot. As I was following her up the concrete stairs I stepped on something spiky. I felt a sharp pain and I stopped to check under my foot. I saw I had stepped on needles and my foot looked like a pin-cushion. She stood next to me and was, among other people, observing me removing the needles from my foot. Her barking woke me up. I slept some more and saw that my anigav looked like a mouth. I was observing startled its new potential in the field of noitabrutsam and lauxesomoh intercourse. I am sorry to post this dream but it should be archived as well.

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