Saturday, 23 October 2010

My sister

I dreamt of my sister. We decided to go out together and we went to a bar. When we got there it was not very crowded but it soon became hectic. We were sitting on some stools across the bar. A couple of guys sat on the adjacent stools to ours and they tried to engage into conversation. I realized I did not have enough money with me, so I suggested that she paid for my drinks in that place and I would pay for the next ones after I go to an ATM. We went to the further side of the bar where I saw a person I really dislike. We hurried out to find a bank. The neighborhood was beautiful. It had flowerbeds and steel bridges and a river, not as big as any river I have seen in a capital city but a fairly wide and fierce river. I was explaining to her that this was the part of the city I preferred by far and that perhaps this is why I sometimes dream of it, unaware that I was actually dreaming. When we left the bar it was still day outside. We would go to the other side of the river to find the next bar. Before we crossed over we thought of taking a stroll. We were looking at the window of a shop when I thought I had left my favourite handmade bad behind and that we hadn't paid for our drinks either. It was night-time by then. We run back. My bag was hanging from my chair where I had left it. My sister asked for the bill and before she paid the bar-tender gave her change from a tenner. She swiftly pup them in her pocket, thanked him and turned around to leave. She commanded me not to mention the mistake and move fast.
Next thing I remember is waking under the sun again. I saw my sister cleaning the tables outside a restaurant. Her hair were girly long and black and she was working side by side with a cute guy. They were obviously flirting as they were swiping the same table. I told them that if they keep working like that, always attached to each-other they would not make two efficient waiters but one. I saw there was another girl working there and I thought it must have been terribly impolite towards her as well. I think that my dad showed up, then- him or a similar figure- and he told me to leave them be.
I think that this is as far as I remember for now.

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