Thursday, 13 January 2011

long journey with the dog

I went through a long journey last night in my dreams!
I was with P., his cousin D. and other common friends in a cottage in the country-side. They had told us to get our bathing suits along because they had a jacuzzi pool we would be able to use. I had my period but decided to put on my orange underwear and my gray brazier and get into the pool with all the others.
Later I saw I put my dog in my backpack and left. I think I walked a lot and got into various means of transport, I remember buses, subway stations, airplanes and walking around corridors and empty streets near dusk. Then I stopped at a supermarket. I was walking around corridors with fruit and vegetables. I decided to wash my face and check on the dog. I tried to give her some water and then she spoke, in my sister's voice, and she told me off for having her in there. She said she would never travel like this with me again because she had become very tired. We took the escalators to get out of the market. There was a small kitsch artificial fountain, the feng-sui type and across the street I saw some friends of mine getting in a car and about to leave. I went to then to ask for a lift but there was not enough space. There was D.with her sister E. and their friends A.and Ei.. They said they could not take us along but that there was another group of friends of theirs that might have a vacant seat in their vehicle. They mentioned that it was not certain that we could travel with them because they also had a pet. It was a group of young silly good-looking men. They agreed to give us a ride so we got in. I opened the backpack and let the dog out. They had a very odd animal with them. It looked like a mole but it was as big as a small/medium dog and it had black beady eyes. We stopped somewhere and washed our faces at a natural source. The dog wanted to wash as well and I poured some water on her but I had nothing to dry her with and I was afraid she might catch a cold.
This is were I woke up. It was too early and I sensed a headache. I slept some more.

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