Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2: The one about snoopy and the one with the one-room flat

I dreamt we were looking for a house and my mother and sister had seen an empty flat they liked and told me about it. I said ok, that I would go and see it but instead of this they booked it for me by giving the first month rent in advance. They told me about it and I understood it was a much smaller flat than the one I needed and that instead of three separated rooms plus a kitchen and a bathroom it had a big unified space, plus utility rooms. I got very angry and asked what were they thinking of when they paid money without getting my permission and deciding in my absence the house in which I would live.
Then I was doing housework, thinking about the house and whether I would be able to take my deposit when I looked at the wall in my bedroom and noticed that almost all the colour from the bottom corner next to the radiator had peeled of. I was observing it, wondering how come I had not noticed this before.
When I woke up at half past ten I could recall vividly much more details but by eleven o'clock when my alarm went of I could not bring back anything else. It might come to me later in the day.

A couple of days ago I dozed off after lunch and dreamt that I was sitting on the back yard of P's mother's house, except that it looked much more like my mother's back yard. It had started getting dark and I was sitting on a chair doing something with my hands, when, from the window above me something soft fell on my lap. It was a puppy. It felt very soft and light. I tried to figure out which one it was but it was too dark by that time. At first I thought it was my dog but then I realized it was P's sister's beagle. I looked up at the window and saw the rest of the dogs staring down at me. I understood that they had pushed him out while playing as he was the smaller one. I curried him back inside and told P., his mother and his sister what had just happened. The dog was light as a feather and very soft. That is all.

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