Sunday, 9 January 2011

New shopping center

I took a mid-day nap and I saw I was with P. and my mom. It was late at night and I would go do some shopping something. My mother asked me to get her a pair of flip-flops. I told her it was getting late and that I wouldn't easily find flip-flops in shops that were open at this hour. She replied that there was a new shopping mall near by that would be still open but that we would have to hurry-up. We were in a parking lot. It was set up a small hill. There was a bench on and around which people were sitting and standing. They were all talking about the new shopping center. P. and I were about to get into the car when my phone rang. There was no number on the screen and I picked it up. It was a girl I know a little. I thought her name was M.. She told me that her boyfriend T. and her had had a queer day and they felt like socializing and if we would like to go to their house for a movie and maybe dinner. I said we had to do a few things first but that it was possible for us to be there within an hour. She said she had no phone so I could not call her back but she might call me from a phone with three specific digits I can't remember any more.
We reached the mall and walked into the toy-section first. It had lots of toys that looked like playmobile without their hair so that their heads resembled a small goblet. They were chubby little blond figures with round heads and they were engaging in various activities like eating etc in their stalked little boxes. We were walking around and I was sure I would find flip-flops there. We took an elevator and found ourselves in the restaurant. We walked down the aisle looking at people's dishes. They were large trays with food in the shape of buns. It was in various colors and it was not only bread but mainly bread with something else, all in the same shape, occasionally in different sizes, but all bun-shaped. I lost P. for a while and I found him next to a lift that served only to link the restaurant with the upper floor. It was a strange one because it had a small external compartment and it got down smoothly but it went up rather suddenly so that when I got on the "porch"-like part of it I could not get off! The moment we reached the floor we went jumping up again. I decided to get in through the door thinking that maybe the experience of velocity would be different from the inside. I got in and the door closed behind me. It had a bluish tapestry on the walls and seemed roomy. It was indeed different and it felt as if it was moving smoothly and went up for quite a distance. I got out and found P. looking for me outside the cubicle. We hugged. In the meantime my phone had rung again and this time the name Andria showed up on the screen above a number with the previously mentioned three digits. I had picked it up and told the girl I actually had her as a contact in my phone. I asked for her address and she said it was Fokionos Negri 7. I asked if this was in Kypseli and she confirmed.
We were late and the shopping center was closing.
I woke up.

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