Saturday, 22 January 2011

I saw I was in the car, stopped in front of a wall, in a dodgy area where pikies dwelt. I was sitting on the driver's seat with the door open when two adolescent ones approached me. I closed the door but my gestures were very slow and I did not manage to lock it as well. They opened the door and all I could do was remove the ignition key. They pulled the door open and asked me to get off and hand-over the keys. I responded I did not have them. They tried to use a generic key but I pushed the smaller one aside and shut the door swiftly. Then I locked the car from the central lock button. I realized the port-baggage door was still open and I pushed some random button that did the trick. The kids outside were staring at me with their mouths gaping open. I turned the engine on and reversed. I was feeling very nervous but managed to get the car properly moving without hitting anywhere. I drove some more, perilously avoiding white parked cars in tight turns of the street.
Later I was in a house where I saw my x's mother. There was a car parked inside the apartment and I had to drive it away. I remember stairs and a lift.

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