Thursday, 12 August 2010

the morning dish-washer

I always do the dishes in the morning, while I am making my coffee. Once I woke up and P. had got out of bed before me. He had made coffee for me but it was rather light and it had started going lukewarm. I had overslept and did not know what to do, so after a couple of circles around my self I went to the kitchen to make fresh coffee and do the dishes. I think I like it because it gives me time to think and program my day. I can only think whilst doing things. I am never idle.
As I was doing the dishes today I half remembered what I saw while sleeping. I could not form the story but maybe if I start putting it down more will come.
I was somewhere with my sister and P. I think P had a sinister and shy face, pretty much like when we first met. I was trying to make plans for the night. I wanted to go out for a drink with someone. People kept getting mixed up, though, so I am not sure for the outcome. I remember a scene with me sitting on a table eating and drinking and people coming and going but it might have been from a previous dream. I also remember meeting with my sister's ex-boyfriend. He had a black car which he was driving rather fast. Other things I saw were stairs- not house stairs but stairs on the street- that led to a wide road. The buildings were old and a bit towards a warm gray, colourwise.

On the 26th of July, the second day of my vacation, I wrote the following:
My summer vacation have never before been so successful regarding morning excrements. Since I started keeping this diary of dreams I have not been able to stop thinking of it as depositing my dreams as morning excrements and that I might as well keep a diary of poo. Apparently I am a morning pooper, too. I found a spot in the woods I use as my lavatory that is a bit off road and isolated. Right beside me are bushes of sage. They smell quite nice. Last night I dreamt of M., an Italian friend of mine. She shall be visiting us in September. I saw we were about to meet but not at my current location. The place might have been where we were studying together but it looked like Rome as well. We met for a second and then I lost her. I found myself in a big neo-classical building, a theatre or an academic establishment or something in between. I would see her perform there. I could not find her, though. Then, I remember attending an underground experimental punk concert. The location was under an industrial bridge. The audience was composed by lean and tall people dressed in obscure colours. There was a gray metallic door.
I returned to the previous building and I was still looking for my friend. I had been acquainted to a dodgy couple that claimed to know her but they gave me the impression of fiends rather than friends because they told me she was not who I thought she was. I found them in a room next to a big box full of dvds. I could see their content without a player, just be holding them and looking at them. They all showed her doing casual things, like walking on the street or going down the stairs of that building. Since the beginning of the dream she was wearing the same clothes: an eighties bright brown coat with wide shoulders and square cut, with a dark red turtleneck inside. I can't remember her trousers. I could see occasionally the pupils of her eyes moving sideways quickly, like in comic detective films, when the person followed looks in that way to check in somebody's following them. They seemed to be taken from safety cameras etc. Suddenly the boy started feeling bad and he crouched on the floor holding his stomach. I went through the nearest door that led me in an office. It looked like a wide corridor. There was a very untidy desk with lots of electronic devices on. I touched something and it started making a lot of noise. A chubby man near his fifties came in. He had started loosing his hair and wore round spectacles. I felt I was caught red-handed and as an excuse I pretended to be a stupid freshner looking for a phone to call home. He fell for it and started flirting with me. I knew he was not aware that I was M.'s friend but he was on the wrong side and I had to get out of there asap.
It was a confusing dream because of all the supposedly recorded things I saw and the thing I participated in and I was constantly changing location and no room looked any I had visited before.

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