Sunday, 1 August 2010

Today's+ 25/7/2010

My dream was like a computer mystery game. I had to solve riddles and find object but I can not remember the whole story. I only remember pealing off a tree and reveling a source of light. I also remember a ruined room.
Then, I was at my apartment with friends, having coffee, when the door bell rung and Konstadinos Tzoumas came in. He asked if we were having filter coffee and asked for a cup. I was holding a couple of mugs filled with water to rinse their former content. He said our coffee looks too watery and he doesn't want any in that case. I explained this was not coffee and said I only have Turkish coffee. He responded he is not a coffee person and only has filter coffee occasionally.
On the 25th of June I dreamt I was in the sea with P. It was getting dark and he got out. I followed on a slower pace. As I was getting out as well it became brighter. I noticed I was surrounded by hundreds of miniature jellyfish, transparent blue or purple. None of them was bigger than a centimetre or two in diametre. I panicked and started pushing them away. Some stung my hands slightly. They were so thick it was meaningless. I screamed at P. to come and help me out but he was too far away to hear my cries already. I saw a snake emerging from the water for seconds and diving back in. I kept fighting my way out and don't think I succeeded before I woke up.
In my second dream for that night I was looking for a pillow. I was talking about it with a Japanese woman that could not understand my description. She gave me a lot of pillows that are used when traveling to keep one's head straight. These that are placed on the back of the neck. Some or one of them was made from a very beautiful fabric. It was warm purple with light yellow polka-dots.
While preparing coffee, after I woke up I noticed a small turtle, approximately 4x6x3,5 cubic sentimetres, waking a bit further from our tent. I picked her up and observed her. She was very beautiful. I left her at the same spot where I found her and went back to have breakfast and keep notes of my dreams.

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