Thursday, 26 August 2010


Yesterday I saw I was with P. and two more friends of mine. We were on vacation and we shared a room. We also slept on the same bed all of us. One of the other two guys wanted us to always move together us a group and do the same things at the same time and this irritated me a lot, especially since he wanted do a lot of things that did not attract me in the least. At some point he was tipsy and became too bossy and we had a quarrel.
P. and I went out on the porch and I saw that a great lot of people, with most of them being related to P. as if it was a family reunion or something of the sort, were sitting on long stools. There were a lot of aunts and cousins of his and they greeted us as we went by. A mature lady asked us to sit by them for a minute and we did. I think that we sat at those chairs named ferforje that are typically associated with memories of being young among older relatives. We were in a beautiful yard with lots of trees and bushes. I was talking about how it is not polite at all to demand from people to always follow your program and neglect their own needs. The person that had annoyed me so appeared among the people in the table. He looked hang-over and regretful but I kept telling him off without addressing directly at him though. P. went to bring the car and left me on my own. I got bored after a while and decided to go to the toilet. I went through a door that was close to where I was sitting and down some stairs and then I found the bathroom door. I went inside a very long, half-lit room. It looked as if it you could still see the rock that enclosed it. It was underground as I have already mentioned. I wanted to lock the door, since the toilet was too far from it and if anyone decided to come I could not keep it sat. A heavy bathrobe and a brazier and other woman's garments were hanging from it, so it was impossible to close it. I just pulled it and hoped no one would walk in while I was urinating. As expected, however, people walked in. They were some people I knew from the first town where I went to study. They owned a bar I frequented. The place was theirs and they were discussing about refurbishing it. I asked for some privacy, with my trousers on my knees and still sitting on the toilet. I felt no same that they could see me there but I could not wee with them around. Suddenly I was much closer to the door and I noticed that a white bathroom curtain was hanging next to me. I thought that if I rap it around me I might have enough privacy. I did that but it was still too transparent. Furthermore there appeared three Asian girls that kept tickling me and saying I looked cute and I pleaded for some privacy. I left undone and went upstairs to wait for P. He came soon after but he told me he had no car, and since we were not going exactly towards the same direction, the most he could do was walk with me until the beginning of the woods.
From last nights dream, when I woke up, I remembered only corpses. Two, flowing in water.
I also remember walking on the street with P. and somebody else. We were in a hurry but next to a tree I found a bag with a lot of toys inside. I started searching and taking the ones that interested me the most. I kept finding more and more playmobil and I was repeating that I have always them. Some were very odd. Most were yellow. There were a lot of lions with edgy textures on their bodies. I also found a couple that did not have the typical playmobil head but instead they had human features that made them look funny. They were supposed to belong to an Adam and Eve series. Then I saw the corpses. I can't remember anything more, so far.

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