Sunday, 29 August 2010


I saw I woke up in prison with P. We were convicted for different crimes. Fortunately we were in the same cell. Or cell had two compartments, separated by a door. It had two beds, the one on top of the other and a small washing basin with a mirror. Our toilet was in a smaller, different room and it had a medicine cupboard inside as well. It was not an ordinary prison- not that I have ever visited any to see exactly what they are like- but ours looked like a hospital or a mental institution as well. We woke up and soon we were visited by a nurse. She was attending a very ill prisoner that was in the other compartment. It was our first day there and we did not know our fellow prisoners. I think she was the typical pin-up nurse with thick, black hair and red lipstick on juicy lips. I remember her talking to us but cannot remember what the subject was. Leaving she left our door unlocked. Some friends of P., that had also been imprisoned the previous night, knew that we were there and visited us. They were very cheerfull. They would be free very soon anyway. I wanted to take my temperature and though the nurse had left a thermometre it seamed too dirty and I was disgusted by it. I went to look for alcohol in the medicine cupboard to clean it. In the meantime our nurse returned. P.'s friends left us and we got to meet our fellow convict, that was still ill but made an effort to come and meet us. He was tall and thin and wore gray clothes that were too big for him. His hair was turning gray and his face was bonny. He sat on our bed for a while and we talked about the place.
We were convicted for more than a month but we could take walks outside the prison during the day. We decided to go and walk around town.
The sun had started to fall and we were in the toilet of a bar. I looked at my face in the mirror and decided I needed to shave because I had grown a beard. We were worried because we did not know who would get out of prison first and I was wondering what might happen to me if P. got released earlier than me. I said that if this was the case I 'd rather be transferred to a women's prison because it might be safer. If anyone attacked me at night, in my current cell, no one would do anything. It was getting late and I did not finish shaving.
On our way back we crossed a wide street. As we were crossing the traffic lights changed and a bull-dyke in a red car screamed to me to move faster and called me a hen. P. joked that this was the kind of mates I would have in the woman's prison and that it was probably safer to stay were I was. I laughed and nodded accordingly.
We rushed because it was getting really late. As we approached the institution I noticed there was a broadcasting radio station next to the entrance. It had a large, flamboyant and colourfull neon sign. The guy that was working there had Eraserhead's hair style. P. told me that we would probably be released on Monday morning, because our trials had taken place and we would be transformed to a bigger prison in Athens. I felt odd because I sort of had made my mind to endure this place and did not want to go somewhere that I knew nothing about. We went in through a smaller door next to the bigger gate that was already locked. It did not look much like a prison gate. It was more like an old school's gate made of iron, but it was very ornamental. Pretty much like an old mansion's gate from a film.
We went in our room and something happened then and there was running and something like a rebellion and as we were running like everyone else we fell on a parapet, ripped it and discovered that it a projection sheet. Lots of heavily dressed politicians were on the other side. Some wore velvet blazers and tall hats. They rose from their sheets and gave us annoyed and worried looks.
The alarm clock went off. I haven't slept enough but I am determined to start waking up way earlier if I am to do stuff before the heat gets on my nerves.

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