Friday, 27 August 2010

Three dreams in one night

I remember three different dreams, I think.
I was at a house in the country with P. and other people. We had been drinking and we had to go buy something. They decided I would be driving on my own. I took the car slightly bewildered because since I don't have a driver's license yet, I don't feel confident enough to drive. I took the car and could not control the pedals. I was either going too fast or not moving at all. It was my breaks that were not responding well. I took a few sharp turns and was lucky not to crash on anyone. I took a wrong turn and I was in a dead end. So, I had to turn the car around. As I tried to do this, even though by that point I could control my legs in the dream much better, I went backwards too fast and crashed on somebody's fence. It was made of wire and I did not damage the car much, but I opened a big square hole. I run inside to apologize and say that I shall pay for the damage and beg them not to notify the police. Inside I met a very nice English woman, very mother-like and friendly. It was as if she did not mind her fence at all. Yet the police was already notified and by the time I got out they were there. I begged her no to tell it was me but she told me not to worry because this was the way for me to get a driver's license. I can't remember exactly what happened next. I remember disusing about it with P. and he was not in the least worried, very much unlike me. I must have woken up soon after that.
I slept again and dreamt I was with P's sister and her fiance in their house in the country. She had prepared a kind of pastry, the kind of which we have in our refrigerator for a week now and I had almost forgotten all about it until last night. It is made of chocolate, biscuits, almonds and some liqueur. I had gone there with P. and did not expect them to visit, as we thought we had their permission to go there on our own for a couple of days. I was wet all over and shivering. I tried to warm my self under some thick blankets I found on the couch. I went to the loo and when I returned I took a slice of this sweet to eat. As I was eating it she told us she did not mind if we ate with our hands unless we touched raw meet or chicken first, in which case we should wash our hands thoroughly. I said I washed my hands after going to the loo and smiled. Friends of hers showed up later. Some girls looked like some acquaintances of mine from Thessaloniki. They were talking about relationship during their high school years. They acted like real prudents, claiming not to have been kissed before they went to the university and calling me a slut when I mentioned I had a boyfriend back then. At first I wanted to participate in their girl-talk. After listening to them I decided I had revieled too much already and it was time to shut my mouth because they were looking at me in a very peculiar and discomforting way.
In my third dream I saw I was in my hometown, waiting for a friend of mine. I knew I had arrived early and he was in the habit of being late and I was on a small motorcycle, so I parked it by the central square and sat on it. Lots of cars were parked there even though it was not allowed and I saw policemen approaching, giving tickets to everyone. I took it and tried to find a place to park it a bit further. They had reconstructed the area and built a shopping centre in the middle of the street, making it impossible for me to go where I planned. Fortunately my motorcycle turned into a bicycle and thus it was much easier to carry it around. Absent-mindedly I pushed it inside a restaurant and rushed back out as soon as I realized it. I could find my way around and got inside the shopping centre. It was built on a slope and I got in at what seamed to be to ground floor from that side, that was actually some floors up from the other. I put my bicycle in an elevator and got out in a shop. I had to go down some stairs to get out, but I hesitated to put it back on the ground and push it through the shop. I saw a clerk and asked for her permission. She nodded negatively for some time but I kept repeating that it was my only way out. After a while she called for another girl to help me. I was very polite to her and she was equally polite to me. I soiled with one of my wheels some clothes and she did not really mind. I left my bike outside and went back in to see the shop. I went to their lower floor and there was the nice girl with a woman that was the manager. We started talking and they seamed to like me, and a chance appeared for me to ask for a job. They told me they did not need anyone at the time but their shop in Athens needed someone. I said I currently reside in Athens so it was fine with me. They asked me to bring a CV and that I would give the interview with them that already liked me.
I woke up again. It was nine thirty, which meant I slept more than I actually wanted. I am on the porch now, the heat has subsided and there is a light breeze. I am thinking of going shopping.

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