Sunday, 15 August 2010

The apartment

I don't remember going to bed. I probably fainted after washing my teeth and my feet. I woke up at half past one, just in time for lunch. I felt terribly sleepy and hang-over. To be honest I still do. Fortunately I watched "the limits of control", by Jim Jarmusch, that was just brilliant and I forgot of my troublesome situation for a couple of hours.
I did dream, though. And it is not just one dream I could remember clearly when I woke up, but the narrative continued in a second one.
I was walking with P. and we stopped to take a look at some clothes at a stool outside a shop. There was a big woman there, around her late thirties, the blond, booby type with a porn-star's attitude. She was looking at rather gruesome clothes. P. found a pair of white shorts and he asked me to try them on. I didn't want to because the were high-waste, too long, too thick and white. I refused and we kept walking. I met a friend of mine who asked as to move in with her and her sister, because we were looking for a cheaper apartment and they had spare rooms. We agreed and went there to check it out. It was a very big and untidy house. It had a central room and other rooms around it, with two doors each. You could only go from one room to another and thus make the full circle that led to the central room and the entrance. Lots of people had passed from there and everyone had things left around. There were two couches the one next the other, completely odd and we would add our one stuff. I was thinking if there was any space for my library and discovered I could only place it in front of another, due to the lack of free wall-space. I entered the kitchen/bathroom room ( I was standing in front of the sink, so the rest of the room changed as the dream evolved) and I was trying to create some space for our personal objects. My friend had informed me that her sister was very untidy. I woke up.
I did not feel well enough to start my day yet. I drunk some water, went for a wee and back to bed.
I dreamt I was in the previous situation but this time I was with my sister, at her apartment and there was a war happening war, but things were safe where we were. Anyway we wanted to move in with her. She had the previous apartment and i wanted to discuss it with her. I would be my friend, her sister, P. and me. She had enough space for all of us. To improve our chances I started cleaning her kitchen sink, while explaining the situation. She was not hostile but she said that our mom had told her she could be paying her rent for another decade and that she could not see why she might want to let other people move in with her. I found her excuse irrational and thought how selfish she was.
As I said earlier I woke up just in time for lunch. I had a shower and a pill and subsequently chicken and rice. I was annoyed by the barking of the dog, I was dizzy and people were rather quiet while they were eating.

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