Friday, 30 July 2010

Post-vacation long dream

I kept a diary of the dreams I saw during my summer vacation, but I'll keep them for dreamless nights.
Last night I saw I was packing my things and getting ready to travel. I had even packed my sawing machine in its lovely blue bag and my backpack and I got on the train. I was slightly worried somebody might tell me off because of the bulk of my luggage and because the sawing machine has sharp parts. On the same car as me there was a couple that kept arguing and speaking loudly. Their luggage were way bulkier than mine. They had their suitcases and a washing machine and two sawing machines packed together in a big white soft parcel.The train attendant told them off because of that but the girl was very rude and kept saying "mister, mister, listen to me". After solving the issue with them the clerk came to me. I tried to be polite and apologize in advance but he pointed towards the annoying couple and said it was all right. It was daytime but at some point somebody provoked everyone to look out the window and then it was dark outside. We saw three people, a male and two females, pretending to be savages and chasing each other around, naked with spears in their hands. They came near our windows- we had slowed down a lot-with big grins on their faces, showing their teeth. Their looked mad as their eyes were extremely widely open and their hair were a mesh. We continued our journey and I remembered I had a son, somewhere, I had not seen for a long time. I tried to remember when I had him and if it was painful to give birth and wondered why I did not have an abortion because I must have been young when this took place. It was a five year old boy with thick black hair. I was amazed I did not feel anything special for him, and he felt equally cold towards me. I decided it must be the distance between us and the fact that someone else was taking care of him. I also thought I am like my own father on that aspect and that maybe I should have another child I could keep with me. I arrived home but missed my partner desperately and did not want to stay there on my own, so I decided to leave again. I arrived to Athens and was standing on a bridge outside the train station. I felt crazy and wanted to take a walk, so I left everything there at a corner and started walking. It was 21:11, as I saw on my wrist-watch, and the last train to were my partner was would leave around 22:00. I was walking and then I thought how silly it was of me to leave my things unattended. The people you meet around stations can be really dodgy. I found my backpack and the rest of my belongings on the back of a man that was crouching on the corner where I had left them. I expected him to be there even though I am not sure who he was and it felt for a little that he was actually me. I helped him up and zipped some of the pockets that were left open. This man was a bit deranged. We went to a pub for a pint (I think it was "Dirty Dicks", a pub in London, opposite the Liverpool tube station. Other people were with us in a "Lord of the Rings" atmosphere. Somebody offended us and subsequently asked the bartender to give us another drink to make amends. The beer was served in a porcelain jug and it was bright green with thick foam. I observed at that point that everyone were wearing the same hat that looked like an oversize turban. It was very light yellow, almost white, with small colourful little objects, that looked like candy, scattered randomly on the top.
I was out on the street again and I called a friend to ask if I could crash his couch for the night. He told me that his girlfriend was out of town and that it was perfectly all right for me to go there. I answered that it was not my intention to sleep with him. He picked me up from somewhere and we went to his apartment. I was sitting on the couch while he was preparing something to eat in the kitchen. I took a packet of rusks from my bag and left it on the couch. Another friend showed up (these two do not know each other in reality but I might have merged two people in the face of the first friend) and he sat quietly on a footstool next to the couch. I did not expect to see him there but I don't think I mentioned it. We were sitting there and I was eager to call my partner. I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't because his sister, that was with him, spoke only once on the phone to her fiance and we were obliged by social conventions to do the same. I walked to the kitchen to be alone and call him but my sell phone was dead.
I woke up with forests and clothes in my mind. It took me some time to remember my dream and I felt relieved to see him sleeping next to me. I really had to wee.

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