Monday, 19 July 2010

New Job

I woke up not in the best of moods and then I spilt boiling hot cocoa on my fingers and on the floor that made my mood even worse. I also believed I did not recall what I had dreamt but I remembered minutes ago, as I was serving the remaining cocoa (with a small plate under the cup this time).
I had finally found a job. I was not thrilled because it was a shop with clothes and books but it was all right. I went there and started talking with another girl that was also working there. She showed me around and where to leave my bag etc, and I had a bit too many things for the provided storage space. Latter this girl disappeared and my supervisor came over along with the rest of my co-workers. I had not been informed of the schedule and I was a bit worried and wandering if I should ask. Additionally, I realized that everyone else were wearing uniforms and I did not have any. I was very energetic and busy helping people around. I was trying to sell a cardigan to a thin girl but she went out the door and it was just her friend left waiting with the right size in her hands. A mature woman asked for my assistance and she caught my arm and we started strolling around the shop. We slowed down as we approached the delicatessen section because she wanted to do some eavesdropping. We returned to my post and I thought of asking about the weekly schedule and a uniform. I walked towards the workers' private area and I noticed a box of cds. There was a guy whose gig we had attended the previous night. I remembered faintly that we had met and a big gate opening, lots of people coming out and a car-chase. I meant to talk to the mate but could not find him. He had left something for me in my bag though. That as much as I actually remember.
Have a nice day.

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